Excellent Sparring Training

I had another 2 hour training session with Wayne Thompson this week and he has a whole training plan for me.  I am so excited and I can’t wait until our next session a few days.  I was really sick with a bad cough so it was too hard to spar full-out since I couldn’t catch my breath but Wayne adapted the training so we could focus on certain drills and I will work on them all week on my own.  Wayne is a personal fitness trainer so he is teaching me some amazing exercises that are not only geared for sparring but also strengthening the entire body which will be amazing for track as well.  I love his enthusiasm and energy.   The time flew by!

Since he is a mixed martial artist he can teach so many different styles of sparring and they all work together.  One of the best things about this training is that it’s getting me back into the right head space for competition.

He gave me three main elements to work on this week but I’m keeping them to myself for now  😉  Just don’t be surprised if you see me ‘dancing’ all the time 🙂  Talk about being out of my comfort zone!!!!

Mr. LeGrow is at an IIC in Nashville for a few days so I’ve taken over a lot of the classes and it’s been fun.  I like to be able to share with the students what I’m learning from all the different coaches and instructors that I’ve been training with.

I remember when Jonathon Martel made me do this drill by the hour to perfect the jumping flying side kick when I was 9 years old!  Somethings you just never forget 🙂  But when they helped you, you want to pass the lesson on.

Hope everyone is having fun in Nashville.  Wish I was there too!

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  1. I know Jonathan would say you were a wonderful student to teach… so it is without a doubt you are becoming a good instructor…and one way of continuing to live this passion is passing it on to others like you, him & so many others who have done before… 🙂 !

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