ERSL East Region Cup 2010 Champions

Today was the East Regional Cup.  I was super excited for the game because it was against our rivals Kanata.  It has been a battle against them all summer for the top position.  It was also the last game of the season and possibly the last time we  all play together as a team.  It was bitter/sweet.

The game ended in a tie 2-2 but since it was  the finals we went into a penalty shoot out.  I love shoot outs since it gets so intense and stressful.  Our team did a really good job and we ended up winning the Cup.  We were so happy to end the season on a good note.  To celebrate the whole team and parents went out to Kelsey’s Restaurant for dinner.  It was a good chance for the whole team to just hang out and talk.

Tryouts for the OYSL team start Tuesday so it will be interesting who is going to be playing together for the next year.

My coach was so nice to even give my Grandpa a medal for being our team’s #1 fan!

Thanks Grandpa, we all love you 🙂