Eastern Canadian TKD Championships

It felt very weird not competing at such a large tournament but since I just received my 3rd degree last week I haven’t learned my new patterns yet. It gave me the opportunity to coach as well as judge more without the pressure of competing that afternoon as well.  I love travelling to tournaments and seeing my friends and senior instructors from all parts of Canada.  I think it’s really important that we all think of ourselves as Team Canada right now instead of individual provinces since the PanAmerican Championships are right around the corner. The PanAms are going to be huge with countries like the US, Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico and of course Argentina.  There is going to be some really good competition from these strong countries.

The Eastern’s were a sanctioned event so the major discussion throughout the entire weekend was the next World Championships.  It was announced that the date has been changed from June 2013 to October 2013.  This was very upsetting to so many of the juniors (under 18 years old) since it meant that some of them would no longer qualify as a junior and would have to try to qualify in the adult division.  Now you have to be under 18 years old on the date of the competition. They also added a new weight category which is good since there is such a huge range.  They also reduced the amount of competitors in the junior division and increased the competitors allowed in the senior division.  I feel bad for the people that are really affected by these decisions but I’m sure there are good reasons for everything. I just want to wait to see everything in writing so I know it’s official.  I’m sure there will be more changes over the next few months so I’m just going to train hard in the meantime and wait for the final word from my instructor.

It's so hard to make sure there are enough judges in each ring throughout the day
We all take judging very seriously
Getting our instructions for the day
I was excited to be centre referee for my first time. I really liked having a ring to manage. That is why it's so important to be certified as judge and umpire regularly so you know all the signals and latest rules

I judged all morning and then I had  fun coaching all afternoon.  After I warmed up some of the competitors it made me really want to  compete myself.

It's amazing when your friends do so well and you know they've trained so hard for it
Helping my friend Alex warm up before he competes. It's so important to be completely warmed up before you go into the ring.
Helping my my training buddy Joey warm up before he spars
Giving a pep talk to Pierce


I always have fun coaching


These beginners are the future of TKD
Such BIG dreams - Go Fritz!

I had such  a nice weekend seeing my friends and being in an environment that I love so much! It makes me really excited for the next few years.

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  1. Kayla reading the experience & fun you are having at this passion, you bring back so many good memorable times – you are walking in the same footsteps as senior TKD practioners who lived it too – it’s like I’m reliving every moment w/my son all over again…!! You are doin a great job …!

    Thks for sharing …!!

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