Do What Ever Makes YOU Feel Good Before You Compete

This is what the track looked like today. It was scorching hot and the track was completely empty and it was absolutely perfect for me ūüôā¬† It was just the kind of training I needed before this Saturday’s meet.¬† Everyone has their own little rituals and¬†routine before they compete.¬† I am used to training by myself a lot in Taekwon-Do so it just ‘felt’ right today.¬† Just me and my own thoughts ūüôā

It’s so peaceful at the track when you’re there alone
All you could hear was the sprinkler system

¬†I am competing¬†in my first track meet for the Ottawa Lion’s Track and Field Club this weekend in¬†the District G Region Meet.¬† I needed to spend my own quiet time at the track today to get myself ready.¬† I found out yesterday that I will be competing with a different weight for javelin since I am now competing in the U18 age division.¬† The new weight is lighter. I’ve never thrown that kind of javelin before and I didn’t have one to train with today either.¬† All I could do was practice with my current javelin and hopefully I will be able to throw O.K. on Saturday.¬† I have to admit it’s a bit¬†nerve wracking since the different weights of the javelin fly so differently.¬† I’ve learned with all my years of competing in different sports that it’s how you handle¬†obstacles like¬†this that makes you stronger.¬† ¬†I actually loved being at the track by myself.¬†It was so peaceful and calm and it gave me a chance to figure some stuff out for myself.¬† I kept hearing all the advice Bill has given me floating around in my head¬†and I was trying to put all the pieces together.¬†Especially the practice before, I just like to go and make sure I feel good, and that’s it.

All my other throwing buddies are competing in Calgary at the Senior National Championships competing and even trying to qualify for the Olympics.¬† This is when I really realize how new this sport is for me and now much I have to look forward to.¬† I keep thinking of them and hope they’re doing well.¬† Somehow text messages from them just don’t cut it¬† ūüôā¬† I wish I was with them.

Slowly some Shot Put and Discus throwers came and we spent a couple more hours focusing on those two events.¬† I also found out that my Shot Put weight would be lighter¬†as well but I at least I ¬†had the right one to throw for my first time.¬† It went really far!¬† Discus is also going a whole lot better too.¬† These events are so technical and need so much repetition.¬† That’s why I love them so much.¬†

As I looked around the track I appreciated just how beautiful the facilty is and how lucky we are to live in Ottawa surrounded by water, trails and beaches.  There is always something going on.


I am really excited about taking the bus to Brockville with the club and getting to know some of the other athletes that I don’t get to train with.¬† Each event is pretty separate in the training process.

I am excited to now officially be a member of Athletics Ontario which means that my distances will be recorded at sanctioned events.¬† I was wondering why my results had not been posted¬†from past school events and now I know why.¬† I have so much to learn about the Track and Field world ūüôā

¬†I just hope I can do my best and realize that it’s only going to get better each week.¬† I have a whole summer of meets and I really want to qualify for the Youths Nationals in P.E.I. this August.¬† I’m still learning how the whole elimination process works but to be honest I don’t want to think about that.¬† I just want to keep improving each week and eventually I know I¬†will get the results I want.¬† I only hope that my coaches know that I am doing my very best. Wish me luck ūüôā