Day 3 – World Championships

Saturday, October 26th, Day 3 of competition – Team Sparring

It was getting harder and harder each morning to get up early since I was not only physically tired but emotionally drained.  Nothing could top the day before.

Team events are always fun at competition and that is why they are held at the end of the tournaments.  There isn’t as much pressure as the individual events but you still want don’t want to let down your team.  I trained just as hard for my team events as I did for my individual events.  Today my event was team sparring and it was a blast.  In individual sparring you only compete against people in your weight category.  In team sparring you never know who you are up against and the weight categories disappear.  I felt a bit of pressure to win my fights after winning the gold in my division.  Our first match was against Scotland and I was so proud how we all fought our hearts out.  You could tell how badly we wanted it.  Our second match was really intense against Germany and we only lost by 1 point which unfortunately took us out of the event.  We are still proud though since we lost to the silver medalist so we knew we had good competition.  We had such a fun team of girls and we all tried our best.  Thanks to Mr. Tran for more great coaching.

Mr. Tran is a great coach and it’s his decision who goes against the other opponents. There is so much more strategy in Team Sparring since there are so many different weight classes
We were so excited to win our first match


We did our best. Love these girls! : Georgina, Abbie, Marie-Pierre, Serena, Emma and me

I felt more relaxed that day and I had the opportunity to go around and talk to different people that I’ve met over the years.  I also got the chance to meet some new competitors from Europe that didn’t go to New Zealand but I had heard about them or competed against them this time.  It’s amazing how easy it is to talk to people who all have the same passion and goals.  I was flattered by a lot of compliments and constructive criticism from my seniors since it gives me more to work on.  There are always ways to improve!!!!

At the medal ceremony I went up for my gold medal in patterns from yesterday. This may sound bad but  I’m not a person who really gets excited about medals ( I am more proud of the titles themselves)  but the podium at a World Championship is different. Listening to the national anthem with a gold medal around your neck gives you Goosebumps.

Such an honour to receive my gold medal for junior 3rd degree patterns from Grand Master Park
Sooooooooo Happy
Puerto Rico, Canada, Argentina, Germany

check out this short video of being on the podium


It really hit me that I am now a 

3 X Junior World Champion!

The gold medalists are interviewed as soon as they get off the podium. When the reporter saw me again he said ‘wow, this is like deja view’. He could tell how excited I was 🙂


I hope you enjoy these photos.  We tried to take pictures of all the events and as of many people as possible 🙂  ENJOY