Day 1 – IIC TKD Seminar

I was extremely excited to attend my first IIC Seminar.  Grand Master Morano from Argentina, Grand Master Lan from Germany, Master Laquerre from Quebec City and Master Norman from Saskatchewan were the four instructors for the 2 day seminar.  There were also 7 other masters from different parts of Canada and the States who participated in the seminar.  Wow, you could not ask for more qualified and experienced TKD practitioners in one room.  What an honour to be able to train and be instructed by these gentlemen!

Grand Master Lan, Grand Master Morano, Ms. Kayla Maduk, Master Laquerre, Master Norman

Seminars are normally for your own benefit on how to perfect your patterns and teach you different sparring techniques.

The IIC (International Instructor’s Course) is different.  It’s like a teacher in teacher’s college.  We were taught how to teach things to someone else. We learned how to break things down so beginners don’t get overwhelmed.  The drills were taught in a way that  when we go back to our own dojangs  we can be better instructors and use the new drills to keep things exciting. One of the most important things for me as a competitor is to have the same standards in all schools so the judges can mark fairly and accurately since everyone has the same instruction.

Such unity in one room

It’s great that Grand Master Morano not only addressed things that are incorrect but also things that are correct for more positive reinforcement.

Every single detail is covered so I can now explain things better to students when I’m instructing.

I took as many notes as I do in class!  I didn’t want to forget anything since we were given so much information in a short period of time.  I like to have notes to refer back to when I get home.

I loved having my seniors watch and critique my patterns.  In some ways it’s harder than competition since your pattern is observed from all angles and they have so much experience.  There really is no better way to learn. I wasn’t nervous at all.

It’s nice when countries come together to train and learn from each other instead of only competing against each other.

Mr. LeGrow always does amazing patterns

You can learn just as much watching as you can by doing it yourself

Step Sparring was taught by Grand Master Lan.  I really learned a lot in that portion of the seminar since it’s something that I don’t do everyday

Master Norman gave so many drills for warm up, cool down, cardio and fitness to use in our own dojangs.  Some of them were so hard since I’ve never done them before but I find it so much fun pushing myself. We were all cheering for each other

It was fun to socialize at the dinner banquet with people that I normally don’t get to see.  It’s always good to see my friend Alex from Montreal.  I always enjoy training with him.

I’m so glad that my mom was able to come on the trip with me.  She was the official photographer for the weekend.

Mr. LeGrow, Ms. Maduk, Mrs. LeGrow, Ms. Routier, Ms. Anderson, Mr. Laferriere and Mr. Lim were all from Blackburn TKD in Ottawa.

Master Norman, Grand Master Morano, Grand Master Lan, Master Laquerre
Mr. and Mrs. Hiltz from Hiltz Taekwon-Do

Hiltz Taekwon-do did an amazing  job organizing such a great seminar and they were the perfect host and hostess.  Thank  you!

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