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OK so, right now its Easter weekend, and I am relaxing, but I will be doing some light training on my own. Since I had the Eastern Canadian Championships last weekend, and I don’t have my next tournament until June 6, I have pretty much this week and a little bit of next week to regain my energy to get ready to train hard for the next 6 weeks to get ready for the tournament. Usually that would be the case…. But not this time.

Right now, I am in the middle of pre-season training for soccer and in the middle of basketball season at school as well. That means that things just get more intense. More training, and less sleep and time to relax my body.

For soccer, because we only have a month before we start our season, we have to get in shape in a short amount of time. Last week I had soccer Tuesday and Thursday evenings for cross training and then next week I have one cross training session and one normal practice. For our cross training, we go to Mooney’s Bay.  We run about 5 kilometers down by the water front.  Then we do stations in the sand that use every part of the body. We do the plank, push-ups, sit ups, squats with the medicine ball, and agility drills. It was really different from our normal cross training because I had never done anything like that in sand before. It was funny seeing other soccer teams doing the exact same thing as us.  After our legs are already burning, we go to the massive hill and do sprints.  At the end I can barely feel my legs.  🙂   The cross training sessions are in an interesting environment down on the beach at sunset. It hardly feels like a normal workout atmosphere.  I know that all this cross training will only improve my strength and stamina in TKD as well.

I have basketball practice after school Mondays, Wednesdays, and we have a game on Thursdays. Last week  we had our first game and it was a big win.  My mom had dinner waiting in the car for me as we dashed off to soccer.  We were are supposed to be stretched and warmed up before the training session but I just arrived still sweating from my basketball game.

For Taekwon-do, I am learning the pattern that I didn’t know at Eastern’s. I’m really excited about it, but this pattern is really hard and is going to take a lot of practice. I’m getting one-on-one coaching to make sure that my patterns are absolutely perfect.

OK  so here’s my schedule for the next little while.

Monday, I have basketball, and then after I go to Taekwon-do.

Tuesday, I have soccer cross training, or a normal practice. After a normal practice, I go to Taekwon-do.

Wednesday, I have basketball, and Taekwon-do.

Thursday, I have a basketball game, and then from there, I go straight to Soccer.

Friday, I actually have the day off.  What do you know? 🙂

Saturday, for the next month, I’m actually always in a Taekwon-do seminar, or I have a soccer game, practice or tournament.

Sunday, well that’s the same as Saturday.

My schedule is so busy right now, but it is all going to help me in the long run. I love all of the cross training because I can really feel a difference in my strength and stamina. All the sports together make me stronger in every way because I am using every muscle in my body. My schedule is just going to get busier and busier the closer I get to the TKD CanAm Championships in June and as the soccer season begins.  I have never been so sore in my life but I’m feeling really healthy and happy.

I will update you guys in a bit.

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  1. The boys and I check your website every week. We love reading what you are up to and how you are training so hard. Keep going strong.

    Cameron talk about you often……love The Clarke Family!

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