Cross Training with Yoga

I have recently discovered yoga and I love it!!!!

Being flexible is so important in Taekwon-do and yoga seems to be the perfect fit.  Not only is it helping with my flexibility it’s a great way to stretch after a hard work-out.  It’s also something that I can do at anytime in my own house which is really convenient.  I have a bunch of videos of yoga so I’ve basically just been following along and teaching myself.  It’s a great way to get all the kinks out.

I wished I had tried this earlier!

This is the last week of training before back to school.  I am really looking forward to a training session with Master Laquerre in Trois Rivieres on Labour Day weekend.   The next 8 weeks will be a lot more intense with my training as I gear up to Nationals November 12th.  I’ll wean off a bit the week before Nationals.  It’s all about peaking at the right time.