As an athlete I’m used to change.  I have to be adaptable in my training, competition,  injuries, time management etc.  So much is out of my control but I have always taken pride in myself for adjusting to change quickly.

HOWEVER, I’ve just realized that the above situations are all just short-lived change.  Now I have to deal with long term change and it’s much harder. My friends and I had such an amazing time at prom as we celebrated graduating from high school and we just didn’t want it to end.  Maybe it’s because we realize that we are all going our own ways in a few weeks and that scares us.


My besties: Veronica, Kelsey, Kirby and Katie. I hate the thought of not being together in the Fall
I’ve spent every day with the twins Dalton and Jarrod for last 14 years and they were even in my mom’s daycare during elementary school for years. I’m so happy that they will still live down the street even if we aren’t going to school together
Kelsey is coming to Carleton 🙂

I’ve been so excited for my own new adventures for University and TKD that it really didn’t hit me that many of my friends were actually leaving! 

I couldn’t figure out why I’ve been so emotional and agitated the last couple of weeks and then it hit me… was all about CHANGE! I’ve seen these friends everyday single day at school and socially for the last 7-14 years.  It’s not that I have taken them for granted –  it’s just that I thought they would always be there.

I spoke with Mr. Legrow and explained to him  that I just needed to pull back on my training during for the next couple of weeks  but I still wanted to do his amazing competition training on the weekends.  I don’t compete again until November at Nationals so he said it wasn’t a problem.  He completely understood and knows how important it is to have balance in my life.  He said he understands that friends will leave but they are never gone.  🙂  I hope he’s right 🙂

My friends and I have tried to pack as much fun into everyday as possible since grad.  It’s hard since we all have at least one or two jobs to save for university.

So far this month we’ve: Had a fun picnic and then went to the  Mosaika Sound and Light show on Parliament Hill


We recorded some songs at a studio.  I was so sad to think that I won’t be able to just play music or sing with my friends all together like we used to anymore.  I wanted to get a recording as a keep-sake of our music class.  These guys have inspired me so much to try and challenge myself with music and I’ll always be grateful for that because it’s such a new interest for me.

Mike Lim and Ian Venables

Hung out  and enjoyed bonfires chillin with good friends

I’m so happy that Kirby will be going to Carleton with me next year.


Just enjoyed the simple things like ice cream


I hope Mount. Allison is ready for you Veronica! I will miss you.

Went to an outdoor concert at Mooney’s Bay during the Dragon Boat Festival

Mike is going to Waterloo 🙂 We’ve been spending a lot of time together this summer and I will miss him too!


Stayed up all night just talking and laughing and playing silly games


Had a ‘good-bye’ party

It wouldn’t be a party without some mushy cards and gifts from friends back home
IMG_6224 - Copy
We’ve been on every team together at Middle School and High School and even competitive soccer. I think we both grew since we always challenged each other. I’ll miss you Katie – Good luck at Radford University

But the most recent highlight was the zip-lining/aerial course the other day.  It was the absolute best time with some of my closest friends.  It was awesome creating these memorable moments that hopefully we will never forget and always keep our strong friendship bonds.

Kayla, Dalton, Katie, Jarrod, Veronica, Mike