Challenge Accepted!

When I signed up for the Unity Championship in Connecticut USA next month I tried to convince myself to just go and have fun and test the waters to see what it’s like for the first time in the adult division.  I tried to convince myself that since it wasn’t a sanctioned event that it really didn’t matter how I placed.

Who was I kidding????  No  matter how much I try to convince myself, I just cant. It’s not who I am. Since I had to take a long break from my training I have been feeling very nervous and unprepared for this tournament which is not a feeling I like. 😛  With school and work, training nights are limited especially with how far away it is. It has been giving me anxiety so I took matters into my own hands and took control.

I’ve made arrangements with my school to allow me to use the wrestling room (since it has mats) for an hour every day either before school or after school before work.  Then I can also go to the dojang 3-4 times a week on top of what I’m doing on my own.  I always value and need Mr. LeGrow’s critiquing and corrections.  There is no replacement for being in the dojang but for the next couple weeks I want to do as much as I can.

This has calmed me down already and my confidence is improving. It’s so nice to have a space where I can go and do drills and have some time to get into my happy place and breathe.

Mr. LeGrow is away this weekend giving a seminar so I instructed his 90 minute kick boxing class and then his 60 min patterns class this morning.  It was a lot of fun and everyone worked super hard.

I really wanted to give a good class for all these people that came out so early on a Saturday morning to train 🙂
I love how hard everyone worked no matter what their fitness level


I love smaller pattern classes since you can really go back to the fundamentals that you don’t have the chance to do in larger classes


Next week we have several coloured belts competing in a Friendship tournament for their first time so I went over the ring etiquette and protocol so they would know what to expect.  Hopefully this will give them a bit more confidence.  The parents also liked hearing it all so they could help their kids prepare and practice.  So much of judging is the charisma and confidence that you bring to the ring.

My dad is my ‘human kicking shield’.

Thanks dad 🙂

He spends hours just holding the shields for me so I can kick and punch as hard as I want.  We also have fun making up new sparring combinations.  It just a fun way to spend time together too.

Shadow boxing gets me in the right head space for sparring when I haven’t competed in a long time
Trying new combos is so much fun


I have no idea what to expect but at least I’m doing what I can to get ready and I’m loving every second of it 🙂

Challenge Accepted!

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  1. Dear Kayla,

    I know you’ve had & have a lot on your mind lately but just keep doing what you have been doing all along & I’m sure that you’ll be ready by the time tournament begins…! Good Luck !

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