Breast Cancer Awareness Month-Believe Day

October is breast cancer awareness month! Come out on October 24th to Rockland’s new gym, VC gym to celebrate “Believe Day with 3 Time World Champion Kayla Maduk! Together, we can all make a difference!


Breast cancer awareness month isn’t only about spreading the word and raising money, but a month to unite and celebrate life, love and happiness. Join us on the 24th to spend Believe Day raising money, honoring those who have lost their battle and those who are still fighting breast caner, celebrating life and believing that anything is possible!


Kayla Will be giving an inspirational talk at 2:00 pm that you won’t want to miss!

Learn 3 simple steps to a happy healthy life

For more details about Believe Day, Visit: VC Gym.

Who is Kayla Maduk?

“It’s one thing to have goals and dreams; it’s another thing altogether to actually believe you will achieve them.

Kayla Maduk ‘believes’.

A 3-time ITF Taekwon-do World Champion and 7-time World Medalist by the age of 19, this decorated athlete knows that believing in yourself, your goals and passions, and that anything is possible is vital to success.

Her confidence and conviction have helped her dominate through years of Taekwon-do competition, and earned her a long list of sport, academic and community awards and honors.

Now Kayla is sharing her journey in an honest and open way, and encouraging others to pursue their own goals and dreams.

The young, dedicated athlete is looking to make a difference, and has made it her mission to inspire girls and women, in particular, to live full lives. She has started a “Believe Project,” empowering them to discover their passion and develop their confidence while striving to become the best version of themselves.

Kayla’s message is simple: be passionate, be confident, be you…and BELIEVE.


Kayla’s perspective of the word “believe” all changed at the end of 2013, watching her mom fight for her life while overcoming critical illness.

” It’s easy to be optimistic, shoot for the stars and strive to be better everyday when things are going well and everything is balanced. The reality is, in the darkest of times when your world is crumbling under you, it’s not so easy anymore.”

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“That’s when still believing and keeping that hope is crucial.”

Believe Day is about Believe that anything is possible no matter what our life circumstances are.

“Originally, the concept of ‘Believe’ was about goal setting, sports and how my ‘Believe’ hoodie was my version of a superhero cape 🙂  I have realized that the word ‘Believe’ has such a deeper and unique meaning to so many people living their individual lives and experiences. It is universal for any of life’s circumstances.”