Blackburn TKD Friendship Tournament

Today’s tournament at Blackburn TKD was a huge success because competitors came from:  Trigger’s TKD, Freedom TKD, Winning Circle, Kou’s TKD, ARCAN TKD, Ashbury College TKD, Choquette TKD and Gatineau TKD.  For some, it was their first tournament so they were very excited and for others it was a chance to prove to themselves that their training paid off.  Having said that, I always hope that the beginners know that they can’t let the decision of 5 judges make them feel good or bad about themselves.  They should feel proud how they performed no matter what the judges say.  It doesn’t feel good to win if you know you could have done better.  And if you lose but know you did your very best, then you should still feel proud. These tournaments are to help build confidence and good sportsmanship so when it comes to larger competitions you are prepared both mentally and physically.  It’s all a learning experience!

I was so proud of Cameron since this is the most confident he has ever been at a tournament and that is because he had trained really hard

I missed the morning part of the tournament since I was at soccer practice but I raced to the dojang as soon as I could.    Unfortunately the kids that I’ve been instructing had all finished and I was disappointed that I wasn’t there for them. They knew I had to be at soccer but I still felt bad.  I was at least glad to see the older kids/adults in the afternoon.  It felt weird being there and not competing myself!  I miss the adrenaline of competition.  I can’t wait for my next big tournament March 31st.

Mr. LeGrow gave one of the students Greg, an award for “Indomitable Spirit”.  Greg is 37 years old with Downs Syndrome and earlier this year he lost his dad to cancer and three weeks ago his mom died as well.  Greg has never missed a day of work or training this whole time and is a big part of the school.

Greg was given the award for 'Indomitable Spirit'

We always go out to celebrate for dinner as a big group.  It’s a great way to get to catch up with everyone from other schools.

Max Riopelle

I was so happy to see one of my old coaches Max who came to visit from Petawawa.  I have known Max since I was 3 years old.

It was also great to spend some time with Clement Goh from Singapore.  I rolled my ankle last week at soccer so I’ve had to rest it all week and not do any sports at all.  I was disappointed that I didn’t get to train with him while he was here but it was still nice just being with him.

As usual it’s always great to spend time with Mr. Lim.  I feel like I have this group of big brothers watching out for me. We all have a special bond and history after all the hours we spend training together.

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  1. Nice to see you so actively involved… Kayla!

    I hadn’t heard about Greg’s parents… so sad !My deepest condolences to him ! It is great that he received that award – well deserving…!!!

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