6 Hours Back to Back Competition Training

Last night Mr. Legrow invited students who wanted some extra competition training.  Mr. Filion from Montreal and Ms. Maggie Vadnais from Connecticut came.  We also had students from other schools in Ottawa join.  It’s always fun to train with different people.

Several people I know are going to Jamaica next month for the Open World Cup.  Mr. Legrow is doing a really good job at making sure that the athletes who are going get the extra training and support that they need.

I would love to go but it’s too expensive since I still have to fly to Regina soon for the Nationals to qualify for the National Team. I really want to represent Canada at the next World Championships in Italy, May 1015. You have to qualify every two years to be on the National Team.

Friday night’s 3 hour training session was mostly sparring drills.

It’s awesome to have Mr. Legrow be able to demonstrate and be more active in the training after his knee surgery
I spent a lot to time working with a green belt from another school since I could tell how eager he was to learn. He really picked up the drills quickly 🙂 I find it really exciting seeing someone’s face light up when they learn something new and it resonates with them
It was great to have Mr. Filion to do the drills with
Thanks for coming to train with us Mr. Filion and Ms. Vadnais 🙂

Today we had another 3  hour training session.  This time two of my friends (Maude and Catherine) came from Montreal to train.  We also had some guys from our school and Kanata.

The first portion was all patterns 🙂
It’s always good to practice tournament style so you get used to doing patterns beside someone





The second portion focussed on sparring drills and then free sparring.
We kept switching partners to do the sparring drills so we get used to different body sizes and styles


It was also fun to work on some agility drills under the skipping ropes
Not only do you have to work on your foot movement you also have to think about your lateral (up and down)  movement


Getting one on one instruction is so helpful.  Mr. Legrow is very good and fine tuning points
Well, that’s the last time I forget to wear my skin pads 🙁

Thank you Mr. Legrow for the great training and thank you to everyone who travelled a long distance to train with us.  Drive home safe and see you again soon.