Always Feels Good to Train

Whenever I feel confused, frustrated or in a ‘funk’ I always end up back at the dojang for a great workout and it really helps clear my mind.  It’s the one place that I feel completely in my element.

There isn’t as much soccer this week so it’s important that I make up the training and cardio on my own so I’m in still in good shape for our last three most important games of the season.

There was a  large group of new students starting for  the Fall season.  I was very excited since so many of the moms had signed up with their kids.  I had so much fun with them since they were enthusiastic, eager and positive.  It reminds me of why I love TKD so much.  Everyone was having fun and the time flew by.

Then I got to train with my black belt friends and we had a blast sparring.  It’s great when you can spar with people that you know are wanting to work as hard as you do.  We can push each other without worrying about hurting each other.  It gives you the opportunity to practice combinations for tournaments.  When I was doing my patterns I felt surprisingly strong, flexible and crisp.  There really is no better feeling in the world 🙂

Kaya, Jean and Brigitte
Mr. LeGrow and Kayla
Max was visiting from out of town and it's always great to see him at the dojang