A Huge Thank You To Everyone That Helped Me!!!

Wow my fundraiser was a day I’ll never forget!!!  It was so special to have my close friends around to send me off to the World Championships.  I was so touched by very personal speeches and video messages from my coaches and mentors and idols.  It was really hard to hold back the tears.  Everything was perfect.  One of the most special things is that I received a huge box full of  ‘good luck messages/postcards’ that I get to take and read while I’m in my hotel in New Zealand.   I have no idea what to expect at such a prestigious tournament but it will be comforting knowing that I have friends back home who wish me well no matter how I do.  I’ve done all the training both physically and mentally that I can possibly do.  Time will tell if it’s meant to be.  I`ll keep you posted.

I would like to thank the following companies and friends who made my very successful fundraiser possible:

With Sincere Appreciation to:

  • The Royal Canadian Legion – 3500 Fallowfield Rd – So Generous especially on a Super Bowl Sunday
  • The Barrhaven Independent – Advertising and Interview –  They Surprised Me by Placing a Full Page Ad and Then Showed up at the Party Too!  Thank You.
  • Daniel Jobin – Printing of Flyers to Distribute
  • Mike Carroccetto – photographer for flyer
  • Wayne Mitchell – Red Caddy Graphic Artist
  • Paul Gallant – Master of Ceremonies – He Did an Amazing Job.  I Can’t  Thank Him Enough!
  • Kelsey Hayes – Singer and good friend – You rocked Kelsey
  • Mike N’ Marty – mikenmarty.com  Acoustic Guitar Duo – So much fun and upbeat.
  • Blackburn TKD Students for their Demo – Great job guys.  You made me proud!
  • Greg Maduk – Sound and Videos
  • Blackburn TKD, Kou’s TKD and Trigger’s TKD for all their years of coaching
  • Kathy Bucci for Wrapping the Gift Baskets – Everything looked so pretty
  • Royal LePage for lending their moving van to transport everything – Huge Help
  • Special Guest Speakers: Gabrielle Tieman (Life-Style Editor Algonquin Times)
  • Special Video Message from Clement Goh via Video Message from Singapore – Previous Coach
  • Special Speech from Max Riopelle – Previous Coach and Mentor- National Champion
  • Special Speech from Jonathon Martel – Previous Coach, Mentor and World Champion
  • Special Message from Julie Goneau – My Idol – National Champion
  • The Very Mysterious Monkey Mascot – Who was that?  Only He/She Knows – Thanks for coming out to support my party 🙂

Donated Food:

  • Domino’s Pizza
  • Ross’ Independent Grocers – Chili
  • Joanne Helmer-Clarke – Popcorn machine and popcorn
  • All the Volunteers who baked cupcakes and deserts

Local Companies and Friends who Donated Auction Items:

  • Julie LaSalle
  • Merivale Bowling
  • Chris, Margaret and Karina
  • Ms. Kathy Trigger (Trigger’s TKD)
  • James Maduk
  • Mountaingoat Yoga Studio
  • Staples
  • The Home Depot
  • Absolute Comedy
  • Doggie Central – Lesley and Jeff Rooney in Toronto
  • Hendrix Restaurant Equipment & Supplies
  • Grace O’Malley’s – Ogilvy Rd.
  • Winners
  • Randi Prieur – BeautiControl Basket
  • FitLifeStyles Studio
  • Ottawa 67′ Hockey
  • Marwick Physiotherapy – Shawn Marwick
  • M-Y-Home
  • Dexter’s Den
  • Francine Lagacé
  • Haico the Handyman
  • Fitness Depot
  • Strandz Hair Design – Ill Paradiso Spa
  • Steve Russell
  • Cedarhill Golf Course
  • Centrepointe Theatre
  • Taing Jewelers
  • Lucy Pagé
  • Laser Quest
  • Spa 808
  • Angela Thomson (Royal LePage)

Donated Raffle Items:

  • Greenfields Restaurant
  • Barrhaven Source for Sports
  • Mr. Lube
  • Toys on Fire
  • Kelsey`s Restaurant
  • Saunder`s Farm
  • Staples
  • Patrick Coady


Thank you to everyone for that helped at the entrance table, serving food, taking care of the auction tables and helping with the set-up and tear down.

Brigitte Jobin, Angela Thomson, Joanne Helmer-Clarke and Ms. Kathy Trigger spent numerous hours in the planning, organizing and promoting the fundraiser.  I really couldn’t have done it without you!!

I would also like to thank my dad for going door-to-door with me to all the local companies to ask for items for the auction.  It was a good learning experience for me!  It wasn’t  too scary since everyone was so nice to me.

My Mom also organized and coordinated the entire event to make it just perfect.  She did such an amazing job and I appreciate all her hard work.  She always makes a great party with all the little thoughtful things she does 🙂

It meant a lot of have all my previous coaches there.  I am so happy that Mr. LeGrow is competing in New Zealand with me.  Miro Mostovac was also there.  The three of us are heading for the adventure of a lifetime!!!!

Thank you also to all the very generous bids on the silent auction items and the private donations.  You have no idea now much it means to me!!!

5 thoughts on “A Huge Thank You To Everyone That Helped Me!!!”

  1. Kalya – it was our pleasure to be a part of the fundraiser – no peaking at the postcards until New Zealand 🙂

  2. Kayla,

    You’re most welcome. It was a pleasure to be able to encourage you any way I can ! Since I have been down that road too w/ & for Jonathan I am aware of the hard work your family & you have & are putting into this dream …! It almost feels as if I am reliving every moment too…and it is all worth it…!

  3. I have a thank-you card to give to you for donating so many items for my silent auction. I will give it to Jonathon if that`s o.k. since I don`t have your address.

  4. No problem – you’re so kind & thoughful ! It will give me the opportunity to see him as well at the same time since I seldom have a chance too…!

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