2010 Junior (U18) Canadian National 2nd Dan Pattern Champion

I wanted to be able to write in my blog while I was here in Vancouver but there isn’t any free internet in the hotel rooms.  There are over 400 competitors here with their families so the computers in the office are always used.  I will write a whole lot when I get back to Ottawa and post lots of pictures.

Maxine Noel vs Kayla Maduk

I had an amazing day with some great competition.  I’ve never had to perform so many rounds of patterns at a tournament before. It boosted my confidence when I won every round and I am so happy that I won first place.  Maxine Noel from Quebec won second and Hailey Pearce from Nova Scotia placed third.   I had a feeling many months ago that it would be the three of us in the finals.  Canada has a great chance to place in New Zealand with this strong team.

Maxine Noel, Kayla Maduk, Hailey Pearce

My Instructor Mr. LeGrow also won gold for Patterns.  Mr. Mostovac from my dojang won gold for patterns in the 1st degree mens division.  Mr. Mostovac won first place in the Sparring B division so he continues on to compete in the A division tomorrow for the finals.

Coaching Mr. Mostovac with Sparring
Helping Team Mate Kayla Huber Warm Up Before her Sparring

Competing in the Olympic Oval was an incredible experience.  It may sound weird but the building had a very calming affect on me.  The wooden ceiling and bright window gave it a soft lighting instead of bright lights in a gymnasium.  I also kept thinking of the Olympians that were there a few months ago.  It was AWESOME.  Although the venue was huge it was perfect.

Tomorrow will be Individual Sparring and Power Breaking.  I can’t wait for the sparring!    Thanks everyone for all the text messages today.  They really helped!!!!

Good night

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