2 Golds at Eastern Canadian TKD Championships

I have to say it felt a bit different competing this weekend.  When I walked into the judging and umpire seminar on Friday it was awesome seeing so many people that I haven’t seen since New Zealand and other competitors and instructors that I haven’t seen since last November in Vancouver.  It was like a big family reunion.  I was surprised how many of the senior instructors, and my peers congratulated me again on being a World Champion.  It’s one thing for my school friends to say it but it means so much coming from my seniors since they truly know how much is involved in achieving it.

Jonathon Martel at the Judging Seminar
It was great to see Maxine Noel again

I was also so proud of Ms. Kathy Trigger since she tested for her 5th degree.  It was officially announced at the tournament.

Ms. Triggers was promoted to 5th degree - Congratulations!

I wasn’t feeling well at all on Saturday.  The gym was so full and hot and the air was stuffy.  I coached coloured belts for about 5 hours and then I had to start getting myself focused to compete.  I knew I had to get my act together in a hurry so I went out for a quick run.  It felt amazing to breathe the fresh air and clear my mind from the busy and noisy gym.  I found a little field behind the school and went through the motions of my patterns.  My dad came out looking for me and helped me warm up for sparring.  I really just needed to listen to my favorite ‘warm-up’ music and get in the zone.

Reviewing some of Cameron's goal setting before he competed
Making sure all the kids knew where to go since the parents aren't allowed on the competition floor

It was hard running from ring to ring to make sure everyone was ready
The kids get so excited
Coaching back to back with my best friend Stephanie
Grandpa was there to give me props 🙂
Finals in Patterns
Finals for Sparring - Red Helmet

There was a different kind of pressure today.  The points towards the next worlds were important to me but more importantly I wanted to perform well in front of all my peers and even the kids that I coach since they’ve never seen me compete.  It was more my pride than anything else.

2 golds

Pleased to say that I came home with a gold in each category – patterns and sparring


That is the last sanctioned tournament until the Fall so now I can relax a bit and continue with my regular training.  I really need a mental break from all the competing so the summer will just be perfect!

Having fun with my friends are what makes these tournaments so special for me
I was so happy that my friends Alexandre and Stephanie did so well too. I hope to train with them in Montreal some time over the summer.

The after party was a nice way to  end the weekend.  We had a whole restaurant to ourselves with a buffet and Karaoke.  My family didn’t get home until  until 2:00 am.   My parents liked spending time with all the parents of my friends too. It’s great that we were all together.

Having fun with Brigitte Jobin and Mr. Lim
I'm going to miss you Stephanie Boivin 🙁
Everyone was out at the dinner banquet - Alexandre Lapointe-Matta
Mr. LeGrow loves his Karaoke