2 Day Track and Field Meet

I registered myself to compete in the Ontario Athletics Track and Field meet this weekend. It was for Juniors and Seniors and I”m still a Youth so I just competed with the U19.  I knew I wouldn’t have a chance competing against these experienced girls but I wanted to take advantage of getting some more competition experience.  My practices go so well but I’m having some issues pulling it all together in Meets since you are only guaranteed three throws.  That’s a lot of pressure compared to training when you can throw for hours until you feel good.  It’s so hard to know how much to do in a warm up since you don’t  want to risk getting tired or peaking at the wrong time.  This will all come with experience.

Day 1 – Javelin:  This was a huge disappointment for me!  I didn’t throw well again. I was really upset especially after my great practice on Thursday. For the rest of the summer, I am going to train and enjoy throwing javelin without the pressure of big meets. I love javelin so for the Meets to go poorly the past little while, it’s tough.  I really enjoyed watching the senior women throw!  They were amazing.  I hope one day that will be me 🙂

After everyone was gone I had to take a deep breath and really think about what had just happened and what I wanted to do.  Its so hard when you want something so badly and you think you are doing everything right in training and then it just doesn’t pay off.  I thought about what has worked for me in the past and what hasn’t.  I am now even more determined to do some things differently. Results aren’t just going to be given to me, it’s going to take years and years of practice and training. I have been thinking a lot about all this. I have been beating myself up so much and for what?  It’s my first year.  So, I am done putting so much pressure on myself and I am just going to enjoy learning. It’s going to be a really long process with the throwing events and I am totally fine with that 🙂  After talking to my coach and my training buddies we came up with a plan for the rest of the summer and I am really excited about it!  

Day 2 – Today was a much better day and I felt so much more relaxed than yesterday.  Again I was against women that were amazing but I was extremely proud of my Personal Best in Discus.  It felt awesome.  I am still just shy of the National Standard but I definitely see the improvement every time I throw.  Since I didn’t make it into the top 8 I was only allowed three throws.  I wish I could have thrown more.  There were some incredible throwers who made the discus look like a little Frisbee 🙂

Then in Shot Put I had nice and consistent throws and made it in the top 8 so I was able to continue on with three more throws.  I ended up 5th overall which pleased me.  I was just shy of another P.B.  I’m not sure why but Shot Put seems to be my strongest event of the three.

I was glad to end the Meet on a positive note and I’m looking forward to the rest of the summer. It was also a special Meet since there were several athletes competing who will be representing Canada at the upcoming Olympics this summer in London.