2 Basketball Games for John McCrae High School This Week

I haven’t played basketball in two years and I’ve really missed it.  I just didn’t have time last year with my other training.  I was pleased to make the John McCrae High School Varsity team.  We had our first two games this week and we won both of them.  Since the team was only made last week we need to work on our plays quickly. It’s awsome that not only do we have Mr. Toms  but we have two club coaches as well so we will really get some good instruction.  I feel like I’m starting all over again but I’m sure it will come back quickly.  The only bad thing is that I couldn’t get my lucky number 23.  I wear #23 in all my sports and it’s been a good luck family number for all sports for three generations!

It’s a great group of girls and we have lots of fun.  I was surprised that we will play at least 10 games before November 1st plus one or two practices a week.  It’s good that the season will be over by the time the winter soccer season starts so there won’t be any conflict.   It will be a good way to keep my cardio for soccer in November. I was surprised how many people came out to cheer us on.  Thanks guys.  It feels good to be able to play on some of the school teams.

When I’m competing in Taekwon-Do I always feel huge but on the basketball court I feel really short.  It’s a nice change 🙂