1st Place Regional Basketball Tournament

This was an extremely busy week for sports.  My school basketball team played 6 games and we are still undefeated!  At the Regional Basketball Tournament we won first place which means we play in the Board Semi-Finals May 3rd.  We also had our regular basketball practices after school on top of that.  In soccer we had a lot of fitness training which is really helping in other sports too.

After all the basketball and the  soccer my mom drives me to TKD.  I am starting to get a bit nervous for the CanAm’s in June since I still need to work a lot on my new patterns.  They will really take a lot of work to perfect and I’m determined to get them as smooth as my first degree patterns.  Some of the moves require such strong and flexible leg muscles.  Mr. LeGrow has been very helpful with his coaching. I’m really looking forward to training in Trois Riviers next Saturday with Master Laquerre for competition training.

This weekend I did some community work.  My soccer coach asked for volunteers to assist  the city in cleaning up a field that they are turning into various soccer pitches.  A small group of us spent 4 hours picking up rocks and wood chips.  They gave us buckets, gloves and little rakes to help out.  At first I thought it was going to be really boring but after a while it was fun just talking to my friends while we worked.  Then the soccer club treated us to pizza.

After an 8:00 am soccer game on Sunday I just wanted to crash on the couch for some down time!