World Cup Tournaments are held every two years alternating with the World Championships.

What’s the difference between the two?

World Cups are open to anyone who wants to compete (Blue Belt and up) and there is no minimum age.  The tournaments usually have more competitors since competitors didn’t have to go through a selection process.

Kayla won gold for patterns and gold for sparring at her first World Cup in 2008

World Championships are considered to be more prestigious since athletes have to be selected. Only black belts compete and the age minimum is 14 years old. Competitors earn points for their winnings during the Regional, Can Am Championships and the National Championships.  Points are put into a seeding system for qualifying for the final.  Since the ITF is not part of the Olympics, this is the highest level of competition offered to these athletes.

The Junior Division (age 14-17) takes:

  • Top three males and the top three females for patterns
  • Top three males and top three females in each weight division for sparring
  • A junior pattern team
  • A junior sparring team
  • Power breaking

The Adult Division (age 18 and up) take

  • One top male and one top female for patterns
  • One top male and one top male for sparring in each weight division for sparring
  • An adult pattern team
  • An adult sparring team
  • Power breaking