Master Laquerre Seminar 2015 at ARCAN TKD

This weekend was fun because it was the first time in 6 months that I have done TKD. For some of you, I know this probably sounds surprising. Master Laquerre came from Trios-Rivière to do a Pattern seminar at ARCAN TKD and I was invited to go. 🙂 It has been quite a while since I have … Read more

My TKD Training in California

It fascinates me what opportunities we get in life.  As I sit in the airport waiting for my connecting flight home from an amazing training week in California, I am so thankful for everything that TKD has given to me.  When I first started 16 years ago I never anticipated that it would allow me to travel … Read more

I’m Very Proud of Myself!

I’m very proud of myself!  That may sound like a weird thing to say but it’s true.  The last month has been brutal for many reasons but it hasn’t stopped me.  There were so many times during the last couple years that it would have been easier and totally justifiable to not go through with this years World … Read more

Routines Build Confidence

The World Championships are quickly approaching.  Since I’m competing in both 3rd Dan Patterns and Sparring  it’s time to focus on all the little details and divide my training time between the two disciplines.   I have been dissecting my patterns from the techniques right down to my method of breathing.  I have been working on the same sparring drills … Read more

TKD Seminar with Master Suarez and Master Downey

Wow, what an incredible training weekend!  We were extremely privileged to be training in the presence of these two incredible Masters.  Master Suarez from Queens, NYC and Master Downey from Newfoundland were our special guests. Friday night Master Suarez led us through our patterns.  Since there were so many students in the seminar it was so helpful to … Read more

Cross Training After an Injury

When it comes to returning to training after an injury, it’s really important to go about it properly. My first reaction is to jump into everything really hard since I’ve missed it so much and I just want to do everything but I have learned in the past that it’s crucial to ease back in.:)   I … Read more

2014 Personal Highlights

I definitely had more ups and downs than normal during 2014 but I guess its all part of growing up. Every Christmas I review my blog and make a quick recap of the year and I always feel extremely grateful for the things that I’ve been able to accomplish (despite the challenges) and the experiences I’ve had.  It also … Read more

We’ve Got Mats!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy that Mr. LeGrow was able to bring the mats from the old dojang to the new training space.  It made such a HUGE difference in the training.  I love how the new space feels open and light with the high ceilings. It has the same atmosphere as a tournament and it doesn’t … Read more

September Has Been a Huge Month of Change

SCHOOL -I just started university last month and I’m loving it!!! I’ve been adjusting to the new dynamics of longer classes filled with hundreds of students in each class and not knowing a single person.  There is more time in between classes so I’ve been working hard at keeping up with all the readings and assignments.  I am in … Read more