55th Birthday of Taekwon-Do

April 11th was the 55th birthday of TKD.  To celebrate, three TKD schools in Ottawa all got together for an intense 2.5 hour training.  Master Kou and Mr. Legrow lead the session for 40 students.  It was like an old family reunion for me since I knew everyone from all the schools and I hadn’t … Read more

TKD Meets Ottawa Science Fair

This has been an extremely busy two weeks so I’m a bit behind in my blog.  Last week I qualified for the Finals at the Ottawa Science Fair along with 200 other students in grade 8 to grade 12 from all over Ottawa.  My topic was on “The Theory of Power” which is all related … Read more

Cross Training

Hello, OK so, right now its Easter weekend, and I am relaxing, but I will be doing some light training on my own. Since I had the Eastern Canadian Championships last weekend, and I don’t have my next tournament until June 6, I have pretty much this week and a little bit of next week … Read more

My March Break

It is the end of  March Break and I’m tired and sore!  This week I was a camp counselor for the Blackburn Taekwon-Do Camp.  It was so much fun but hard work. It started at 8:30 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon. Every day there was intense cardio conditioning and hours of patterns … Read more

Ontario Invitational Championships

Today I competed in the Ontario Invitational Championships held at Ashbury College in Ottawa.  To be honest I was really nervous since I just received my 2nd degree two months ago and am just learning my new pattern.  Patterns are normally my strength but it takes years to really master a pattern.  I placed third … Read more

I’m re-certified!

I got re-certified!  Every year all Ontario Black Belts over 14 have to take the Umpire and Referee course.  This really helps to keep a fair and even and consistent standard for tournaments.  In the course we practise all the hand signals and the rules of the ring.  We also review all the procedures and … Read more