Girl Guides Canada – Lead Like a Girl Seminar

I started the believe project in hopes to  inspire young girls to find their passion, develop their confidence and strive to be their best selves. It all started with my pink “believe” hoodie, and has grown into an empowerment. I feel very strongly about being actively involved in encouraging the next generation of leaders. As a … Read more

CEOX1Day – Ottawa Senators Foundation

Last week, I participated in a CEO shadowing day, at the Ottawa Senators Foundation, through the CEOx1Day program.  What is CEOX1Day? A few months ago, I applied for a program called CEOX1Day, developed by Odgers Berndtson, a global executive search firm. Eighteen students were paired with CEOs from some of Canada’s leading organizations as part … Read more

Living Outside Your Comfort Zone

I have always loved trying new things ever since I was a kid. When I was on the Canadian National Taekwon-Do team, I learned that the only way to get really good at something, was to constantly push myself outside my comfort zone, learning new things, failing, and trying again until I succeeded. This in … Read more

JMUCC 2018 – John Molson University Case Competition

What a week! This past week, I had the privilege of competing in the John Molson University Case Competition in Montreal, Canada. 24 teams from around the world joined together to participate in the week long event. How did the case competition work? For this case competition, universities applied to participate, and if selected, formed … Read more

Canada 150 Inspiration Award, Lisa MacLeod, MPP

As the holidays approach, it is a perfect time to take a moment to share just how grateful I am, for such incredible people in my life, education, freedom, security and love. I have had such incredible opportunities and experiences throughout the years and I am thrilled to see what my future has in store.  … Read more

I Made an Academic Case Competition Team! (JDC Sprott 2018)

As I get closer to graduating, I am working really hard to keep pushing myself outside of my comfort zone academically. The purpose of this is to network, create awesome memories and to continue developing my academic skills and competencies. This year, I am competing on the JDC, Sprott School of Business case competitions team. I tried out and made the team in September, and our university is competing in January, against universities from across Canada.  The Sprott team consists of an athletic team, social team, debate teams, and academic teams. I am on the business strategy academic team with 2 others group members who are fantastic! Basically, we receive a written business case and we have 3 hours to analyze it, create a viable solution and prepare a 20 minute presentation/pitch for a panel of judges and industry professionals. The academic teams practice every Sunday and are lucky enough to have coaches and mentors to give us feedback each week.

I am extremely happy and excited to be on this team and learning so much from putting in the extra hours of practice, while working with people who are driven, and curious. Most of the mentors have competed on this team as Carleton alumni, so they have a lot of experience and insights when giving us feedback.

This is big deal for me because I have always wanted to compete on this team, and this year I am in the perfect place confidence wise and commitment wise to give it my all. The added bonus of being on the team is the experience gained, perfect for my resume as well as the prestige it holds, to differentiate myself in my future career. 

My next few months are going to be FULL of excitement, opportunities and new experiences and I promise to continue to share, as my journey continues. 🙂 


Hi all! This week was the Money, Mindset and Marketing Conference, presented by business coach and strategist Lisa Larter. I had the privilege of attending as one of Catherine Priestman’s guests, who is the President of CP Business Solutions, an image strategy and branding company. If you need help with your strategic marketing plan, or discovering … Read more

We Day Keynote Speaker 2017

Last Month, I had the great honour of being the Keynote Speaker at Emily Carr Middle School’s WE day. I think that it is absolutely amazing that local schools are hosting WE Day’s and it was clear that this school took it very seriously.  For those of you who aren’t aware, “ WE is a … Read more

Sports Help Build Confidence in Life

This weekend is the National Championship and selection for the next World Championship in Ireland. Although it is not a date booked in my calendar this year, it is for many of my past teammates, and new athletes that are trying to qualify for their first time. Just thinking about it brings back such amazing … Read more

A Great Start to 2017!!

Welcome to 2017! I am back at school after a nice relaxing winter break!  I had a particularly exciting start to my year, when I was invited to give a talk and team building session for a 12 year old girls Ringuette team last weekend.  I had a lot of fun planning this 2 hour … Read more