Family Support

Kayla’s Family and Support System

Kayla lives in Ottawa with her parents and older brother Greg.  Taekwon-do has been a huge part of their family life since her dad and brother also have their black belts and they trained together every night.  Her mom is always at the sideline watching.  Since so many hours have been spent at the dojang, the other members have developed into an extended family that trains, travels, competes and relaxes together.  It has helped build a strong family unit.

When Kayla changed instructors in 2008 it also meant a lot further drive.  Either Kayla’s mom or dad drive 70km each day to train at the dojang and they seldom get home before 10:30 at night.  This means that Kayla does a lot of homework in the car and she has also become the Queen of Power Naps.

Grandparents are another strong support system for Kayla.  No matter what sports or school activities she is in, she can always look up and see her number one fan watching – Grandpa.  He is so involved that all the kids call him ‘Grandpa’.   It has been a traumatic three years since both of Kayla’s Grandma’s and her other Grandpa passed away.  This has been very difficult for Kayla since she always enjoyed their company and hugs.  They are greatly missed by all!!!

Even though Kayla has a vigorous training schedule she has fantastic friends that she loves to spend time with.

Participating in school teams and city soccer gives her balance, not only in cross training but in socializing as well.  It’s important to learn skills that are necessary for individual sports as well as team sports.   Team sports are a great release since there isn’t the same amount of intensity as there is in TKD.  Kayla loves her movies and music while hanging out with friends.

Teachers at school have also been very accommodating to Kayla’s schedule by giving her work in advance if she knows she is going to be away and they offer their help to her during lunch if she needs it.

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