What Does the Word Believe Mean to You?

I was very honoured to be asked to speak about my Believe Project at the new VC Gym in Rockland this afternoon.  Valerie Chartrand is the owner of the gym and has shown her own courage for opening her business on her own.  With her years of being a teacher, being a professional fitness trainer and an elite athlete in Javelin I’m sure her business venture will be a success.  All the proceeds from todays event went to the Breast Cancer Society.

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Valerie Chartrand, proud owner of VC Gym in Rockland.
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Getting my presentation table all set up.
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Val is doing everything right to make sure her new business venture with the gym is a success by including the community to events like this. Great idea Val 🙂


When I first started the Believe project a few years ago, I mainly focussed on goal setting and achieving our wildest dreams.  Over the years it has taken on a life of its own and I’ve realized how the word ‘Believe’ has a much greater significance and meaning for everyone, yet it unites us together.

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Today was different for me as well, because instead of youth, the majority of the people there today were adults.
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In my talks, I like to bring people inside my little world and share all my quirky routines, tips and tricks to building my own confidence that I have adopted along the way.
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Because it was more of an intimate group, it was more interactive which is always fun! 🙂
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Everyone has goals no matter what stage they are in life!
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I loved how everyone got into it and some even shared their goals with each other.

I tried a completely different talk today and I think it was well received.  I wanted it to be relatable for everyone in each of our own unique life experiences.  The amazing part is that everything I talk about is applicable to anyone.

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These rings not only represent my stages to stepping into the ring at the World Championship, but stepping into the unknown of any situation in our life.
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It takes a moment of courage, sensing all of our fear and stepping into that ring anyway, to truly grow from an experience. If we never step into the ring, how will we know the outcome?
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A few people told me afterwards that the rings were good visuals and symbolism for what I was talking about.
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I found it really hard not to get chocked up talking about my mom and how she almost died two years ago and is still fighting but I think it’s an important story to be told, because for me, it was a pivotal moment in my life and shifted my whole perspective on life and of what “Believe” means to me.  It was also an important story for today since the event was for breast cancer awareness.
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To finish off the day I raffled off 3 pairs of my Believe socks and bracelets.
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One of the happy winners 🙂

Before I did my presentation there was another guest speaker from Isagenix.  Lori Clarke (Executive Master Trainer)  emphasized the importance of a healthy mind and healthy body moving forward into our best lives. Both presentations were complementary of each other.

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Lori talked about the importance of proper nutrition for success and health
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Lori also talked about making sure we are doing what we really want in life and living out our dreams with the help of Isagenix.
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It was a fun afternoon with inspiring people who want to make a difference and who believe in what they are doing!
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The day wouldn’t be complete without some fun goofing around.
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We have a new Believer!