Private Training with Grand Master Lan

When you start your day by having breakfast with  Grand Master Lan (9th degree) from Germany you know it’s going to be an experience of a lifetime.

One of the first questions he asked me was……”Kayla, what is your new big goal?” I was shocked that he knew exactly what was going on in my mind. When I was preparing for the World Championships I trained intensely with Grand Master Lan for about a week.  His coaching and guidance made such a huge impact on my results in New Zealand.  He helped me with the ‘Do’ (mind) part of Taekwon-Do.  I was a sponge and took everything he said to heart and tried to apply everything.  After the first time we met he said that he thought I had the potential to be World Champion and he has no idea how much confidence that gave me.

This meeting was different since the training wasn’t geared for a specific tournament or goal.  Although his conversations are about TKD everything he says can be applied to all areas of your life.  It’s like having your own personal Life Coach.  I know I apply what he says to my school, my other sports and my friendships.

Today I had the privilege to train with Grand Master Lan and Mr. Jason Morris for the whole morning and afternoon.  Mr. Morris is the US National TKD coach and has a huge school in California. The one-on-one coaching was top notch. I missed the day at school but you don’t give up these private training opportunities.  I didn’t want to waste one minute. Thank you Mr. LeGrow for making this opportunity possible.

Bowing in with Grand Master Lan and Mr. Morris (US National TKD Coach)
Grand Master Lan is amazing at reviewing the basic movements. You need to have a strong foundation to progress properly.
I was concentrating so hard
Such an inspiration

I was very happy that Grand Master Lan focused so much on proper stretching to prevent injuries.  Stretching the wrong way can actually cause more harm and damage. When I cross train with all the different sports I need to make sure I have a good balance in the different muscles.  We talked about how when you exercise properly it gives you energy instead of making you tired and how you have to ‘feel’ things more than ‘think’ things.  I remember when I was at the World Championships he walked up to me between my sparring matches and said ‘Kayla, you have done your preparation and training.  Don’t think too much.  Feel what you need to do.”  I did, and it worked 🙂

Mr. Morris and I worked really hard all day.
I felt so lucky for being coached liked this
The smallest correction can make the biggest difference in competition

Kayla Maduk and Grand Master Lan
Grand Master Lan and Mr. Jason Morris

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