Day 2 of Seminar with Grand Master Lan and my Final Soccer Game of the Season

It was another very early morning start but I couldn’t wait to get started.  I didn’t want to waste any time.  It’s so much fun when you’re surrounded by motivated people.  Have you ever noticed how easy it is to wake up when you’re excited about what you’re going to do that day?

We started off with more pattern work.  Grand Master Lan is so detail oriented and it’s cool to hear how he describes the moves and the reasoning behind it.  You learn things better when you understand why you’re learning them.  The more I learn, the more I realize how much more I have to learn.  It’s very humbling being in a room with such senior TKD practitioners.  Everyone still has questions and needs to be corrected on things.  We were all there with open minds to learn!  It dosen’t matter what age, degree, titles or belt level you are as long as you share the passion for TKD.

Then  was time to work on more sparring drills.  It’s such an amazing workout. 

Grand Master Lan says you have to have 10 eyes and 10 ears when you spar: 

  • You need to be able to hear and see your opponent, your centre referee, your coach, your opponent’s coach and the judges. 
  • In order to be able to have all these senses you have to be calm.
  • In order to be calm you have to be confident.
  • In order to be confident you have to be prepared. 
  • In order to be prepared you have to do the training beforehand. 
  • In order to do the training you have to have the passion.

I learned this from him last year and I try to live by it because I know it’s true.  Knowing and doing can be very different things.

I had to leave this part of the training so I could rush out to my final soccer game of the season.  I’m sorry that I couldn’t’ say good-bye to everyone that were leaving at noon. As my mom was driving me to the soccer game I felt so good and prepared.  I was excited for the game but at the same time I knew it was the last game of the season and possibly the last time that we play together as a team and with Kwame as our coach.  It was bitter sweet.  I felt rude leaving Grand Master Lan but he knew I had to go, and I felt rushed to get to my team mates but I had made arrangements with my coach.

Once again I played my hardest for the full 90 minutes but unfortunately we lost.  I guess in soccer we need more than 10 eyes and 10 ears since there are more players on the field.   We were officially relegated to the Regional Level which was very upsetting.   I believe everything happens for a reason.  I believe that if one door closes, another one will open.  We just don’t always know when or how.

After the game I raced back to the dojang to spend a few more hours with Grand Master Lan.  The seminar was over but everyone wanted to work a bit more on patterns.  It was the best therapy for me after the disappointing game.  Patterns always help me clear my mind.

Stetching today has never felt better.  I was so sore and exhausted from the weekend that it was nice to relax my body and mind.

Kayla Maduk and Grand Master Lan

I didn’t want to see him go but at least I know that I will see him again at the end of October in Halifax for the IIC Seminar.

It was great that my Grandpa got to see Grand Master Lan again.  They met last year and my Grandpa wanted to thank him for all his advice.  Grand Master Lan is so proud of his 5 month old grand daughter so I guess they have something in common 🙂

Once again I would like to thank Mr. LeGrow for arranging and making all the arrangements for Grand Master Lan to be here for the weekend.