Win This Fight – Canadian Cancer Society

For once I’m not talking about winning a fight in a sparring ring.   I’m talking about the fight against Cancer!

The Canadian Cancer Society had a contest for students to write a new Theme Song  for 2012.  As soon as Mr. Stoodley  (my guitar teacher) told me about the contest I immediately wanted to participate and I couldn’t think of a better person to co-write and sing it as a duet than my friend Kelsey Hayes.

Cancer has touched us all in some way or another and it would feel so good if our song was chosen as a motivator for those who are being affected.

This week I also went door-to-door collecting bottles and donatations for our Relay-for-Life team.  I’m really looking forward to the relay with my friends next week.  Every dollar helps in the research!

I’ve lost one Grandmother to kidney cancer and  I can only wish that someday we will Win This Fight and find a cure for cancer.

For the first time I sang in a Coffee House at our school so it was a good opportunity for Kelsey and me to sing our song.

I hope you enjoy our Theme Song  – the actual recording that we submitted to the contest sounds a whole lot better than this live video and Michael Lim accompanied us on an accoustic drum.  It was very cool 🙂

Win This Fight – by Kayla Maduk and Kelsey Hayes