Using Video Camera`s Help in Training

It was another great week of training.  I don`t  have any soccer this month so it`s given me so much more time for training.  At the Selections next month I`m trying to qualify for Individual Sparring, Individual Patterns and Power Breaking.

Most people specialize in only one event.  It`s hard  balancing the training time for each event.  The are all so completely different that I have to be in the right head space for each of them.

I had a beneficial training day with three other adult competitors who are also going to Nationals and trying to qualify for Individual Patterns.  My mom video taped each of us doing the patterns and then together we reviewed them and made modifications.  It`s amazing how you think you are doing something different than what the judges will see so it`s a really good way to train.  I absolutely hate seeing myself on video but I know I have to do these things to improve 🙂  There are so many tiny little details to critique.  At least there are still a couple weeks left to really make all the adjustments.  I`m so glad I have some other competitive people to train with since we can really help each other.