Using Ladders in Training for Both Soccer and Taekwon-Do

I use ladders as part of my daily training for both soccer and taekwon-do.  While I was instructing some classes this week I thought it would be fun to bring them and show the little kids some new stuff.

Starting the class with the Student Oath

It was great because the younger kids have to concentrate so hard just to remember the sequence of the foot work that they didn’t realize how hard they were actually working. I kept changing the jumping sequences to keep it challenging for them.  The benefits are great since it develops quick foot work and gets you used to bouncing on the balls of your feet which is what you want for sparring.  Memorizing patterns in a sequence is exactly what learning TKD patterns is.

The kids really concentrate so they can follow what I'm doing
They are having so much fun that they don't realize how hard they are actually working

Every soccer practice our team warms up ‘running ladders’ and it’s so much harder when you are wearing cleats and running on the grass. Both sports need quick foot speed and coordination.

I love coaching patterns to people who really want to improve and take it seriously.  It doesn’t matter what age the person is.  If someone wants to really learn, then it’s so much fun to coach.  Sometimes you really have to just figure out the best way for the student to understand.

It's important to explain what each movement is for so they can remember why they are doing it
I love to work one-on with someone who really wants to learn
It's so rewarding when it all comes together - everyone feels good

I have also been working on my own fitness this week and it’s been great working Mr. Martel.  He’s been a major TKD training coach for me my entire life and he is also a great personal fitness trainer.

He takes everything to the next level with his biometic excercises.  My legs will never feel the same 🙂

Even doing sit-ups, push-up and the ‘plank’ are taken to the next level.

Miro and I have to clap each other's hand inbetween push-ups
Isolating muscle groups is what Mr. Martel does best
Holding the plank position while Mr. Martel sits on me plus the medicine ball

It’s been great having lots of little pep talks from Ms. Trigger,  Mr. Martel, and Mr. Lim, and Mme. Desmarquis  this week.  I think they are all taking care of me while Mr. LeGrow is away in Germany.  Thanks guys.