Training,Training and More Training

School work is starting to get heavier and I had a few tests but so far so good!

I went to winter soccer tryouts twice last week.  It’s at the OYSL level and they are going well.  It’s good to see old friends and team mates. Fortunately there is a bit of break for soccer now so I can really focus on TKD.

I trained every day even after soccer and  then I trained for 4 hours today.  It was special Competition Training which I love since I can really fine tune my patterns.  I love having the dojang with fewer people so I can  move around easier.  I love TKD since there is always something to improve on.  I never get bored of it.

I’m really enjoying all of the training but for the first time I’m really getting sore. I’m taking tomorrow night off.  Since my training is more intense I also have to rest more to prevent injury from over use.  Your muscles get so tired when you repeat the same movements over and over. You need to let your muscles rebuild themselves.

I’m getting so excited about Nationals. I don’t get nervous, but I do excited and want to be prepared.  We bought our plane tickets so it definitely feels more real.  As  the day comes closer,  I want to train harder and be better.  It’s kinda cool that in one year I’ve traveled from P.E.I. all the way across Canada to British Columbia to compete in either TKD or soccer.  Not too shabby 🙂

Starting this week I will be taking the city bus everyday to Orleans right after school so I can train by myself before the regular classes start.  Then my parents will pick up after 10:00 p.m.  It’s hard for them to keep working if they are always driving me to train all across town. I can also do my homework on the bus since it’s an hour and a half ride.  I actually enjoy the ‘down time’ on the bus.

I’ve also been working on my diet too. I’m eating better, and I feel healthier and more energetic.  I have to admit I HATE vegetables but I’m really trying to get them down.  As a family we are trying different recipes to hide them 🙂    We have been taking turns with the cooking and making a game out of it.  I’m also drinking Visalus Shakes that are packed with nutrition from vegetables, protein and fruit.  I like to have one in the morning before school since it’s quick and easy. I never feel like eating first thing so this a good way to get some nutrition in me early in the day.   I always seem to be hungry so I have to eat lots of little meals throughout the day.  My friends tease me at school since my lunches are so healthy, but I know it’s what my body needs.  I also need to drink more water all day too so I don’t get dehydrated.

Off to bed.  Good night. zzzzzzzzzzz