Training Weekend With Master Laquerre

This was my last weekend before  I leave for Worlds to train with the Technical Director for Canada.  I absolutely love these opportunities when he comes to Ottawa.  I was looking so forward to it but the truth is I was still feeling sick as a dog with Bronchitis.  I was so frustrated that my patterns didn’t have nearly the strength that I normally have and my balance was all thrown off.  My legs felt weak and wobbly. I really wanted to show him that I was ready for New Zealand, but as soon as I put any strength in my patterns I would start coughing and couldn’t stop.  Fortunately he knows me well enough and knows what my true abilities are. This was a really tough week for me since I was  so sick.   I even had to miss more school.  I started to second guess myself which isn’t like me at all.  On Tuesday I think I hit rock bottom.   I started to watch old videos of the National Championships and some training sessions and then it helped with my confidence again.  After watching the videos I knew I would be fine as soon as I felt better.  I just have to stay positive.

Master Laquerre gives the best workshops

Even though I wasn’t at my best, the workshop was so helpful.  We reviewed every single movement in all the coloured belts and then the black belts.  When competing I get to choose which one of the three second degree patterns that I want to perform and then the judges get to pick any pattern from any belt level so it’s so important to review the ones that you don’t necessarily do every day.  So many people forget the old patterns.  One of the perks of coaching is that you are constantly reviewing everything.

Ms. Maduk and Master Laquerre

It was so helpful to have some guidance and advice before I leave.  I have now decided on which pattern I’m going to perform at the Worlds!  It’s been a decision that I’ve been struggling with for a few months and now it’s a huge relief for me.  I’ve been changing my mind every few days and now it’s clear in my head which makes it so much easier for visualization.

We trained all day on Saturday and then again on Sunday.  We were all sore and tired after the weekend but it’s because we were all trying our best to get the best instruction.

During the lunch hour I rushed down the street to see my soccer team have their last tryout.  It was  really nice to have them all wish me luck.  I wore my Canadian Track suit and they all loved it.  My team has been great and understanding with all my TKD training.  I’m really looking forward to getting into the soccer more when I get home.  Even though I’ve been practicing twice a week with them it hasn’t been the same for me.  I miss the games.