Train Hard – Play Hard

I train 7 days a week for either Taekwon-Do, Javelin, Discus and/or Shot Put.  With all this training it’s just as important to play hard too in order to  keep some balance in my life.   I am sooooo extremely lucky to have solid groups of friends that I absolutely love. Unfortunately one of these groups that means the world to me all live a couple hours away but when we get together it’s incredible. 

I’m talking about my TKD friends in Montreal.  Since we have trained, competed and travelled together for the past few years there’s a very special between us.  We just understand each other and are a group of crazy people.  I feel like I can completely be myself and not worry about anything.  I love the fact that although TKD is the foundation of our friendship  but we all support each other in all our other interests too.  That is what makes it so exciting and interesting.

I just spent a week with a lot of them.  The biggest highlight of my visit was when we all went to Magog to cheer on a couple of them who where competing in a Triathlon and an Olympic Duathlon. Steph and Vincent have been training really hard so it was great to be there to support them 🙂   It was awesome and very inspiring to be in the environment of the triathlon.  The level of fitness in these athletes is incredible.    

Since we were all together for the day of the race we played volleyball, went swimming, had a BBQ and ate a whole lot of S’mors at our bonfire.  It was perfect 🙂 

Steph did so well on the weekend! I felt really lucky to be there to cheer her on this weekend because usually I just hear about it after so it was great to be there 🙂 She has worked so hard.

It was awesome that Vincent decided to do a duathlon as well. We were all cheering him on – I would not have survived.

Of course we also wanted to take advantage of some taekwon-Do training so we did a little road trip to different dojangs.  It’s always good to learn from different instructors and train with different people.  It’s keeps it exciting.  I love how we all know everyone in all the different schools from all over Quebec and Ontario.  I am getting excited about gearing up for serious TKD training to prepare for a  huge tournament in NY this September.  It’s going to be a big challenge for me and I can’t wait!!!

I felt bad missing a couple track training practices while I was away so I squeezed in an amazing javelin training session early Friday morning  before I took the bus to Montreal.   I also took my throwing implements with me so I could still get in some discus and shot put throws between events since I had a Twilight Track Meet the same day that I go home.

Such an incredible week with all my favourite people and favourite sports all put together.   I guess that is why my training is my playing 🙂  Thanks everyone for giving me such a great time and it was especially nice to stay at Steph’s chalet where I got to meet so many of her Aunts, Uncles, cousins and other friends.  They really made me feel welcomed.