Track and Field Season Begins

I was warned by several people to expect a bit of a depression or ‘let down’ after competing at the World Championships since I will suddenly have so much extra free time on my hands without a big goal to work towards.

I definitely miss my TKD friends on Team Canada.  That`s the problem when your friends are from coast to coast but I know I will see a lot of them in a few weeks at the Eastern Canadian Championships. I miss all the preparation and the anticipation leading up to the competition. I wish I was still in New Zealand since I wanted more time to actually explore different parts of New Zealand. I keep reliving the whole experience in my mind since it was so much fun and the highlight of my life.  I absolutely loved the atmosphere but I am certainly not depressed.  Maybe it`s because I have so many new challenges and fun times to look forward to.

I am having a blast learning new events for my high school track and field team.  I love the new challenge.  In the past I’ve broken the City Board record for Shot Put so I am going to continue with that event but now I’m also trying Javelin and Discus.  I`ve never tried these events before.  They are so different from TKD and soccer.  I have good core strength and upper body strength from TKD so it’s a good fit.  I’ve been watching YouTube videos to learn the proper technique since I don’t have much time to learn. I ask the coach and  the older guys from the higher grades a lot questions since it`s amazing how good they are.   The only thing I don’t like is the early morning practices.  I train so late at night that I normally sleep in until the very last minute for school 🙂  At least it doesn’t conflict with my other training or soccer practices.   Apparently there will be several track and field meets but they are during the day which works well. I’m having a lot of fun with it, and I am excited to continue to learn and get better.