TKD Grounds Me and Always Makes Me Feel Good

I haven’t had as much time to train as much as I would like to with all the soccer and working with my mom this summer but whenever I do train it just feels so right.  I can’t explain it but to me TKD is my ‘feel good’ medicine.  When I do patterns I always feel so free and just escape my everyday thoughts. Energy just runs through my entire body.  Even when  I’m focusing on different sports, I still go back to TKD for a great workout and just to put a smile on my face.  I’m pleased with the fact that even though I haven’t been training as much, the soccer is keeping me in shape, and there is no doubt that TKD helps my soccer.

Tonight I had so much fun training with Brigitte Jobin.  Brigitte is like my older sister.  It’s great to be able to train with the same people year after year.  We always encourage each other and since we know each other so well we know what each others limits are so it’s always productive.

There is always room to perfect stances and movements
Brigitte is known for her amazing side kicks
I love synchronizing our movements

Ya, great work-out!

My mom and I are helping Brigitte decorate her own new apartment. That is just what TKD friends do for each other.  It’s like an extended family.  I’m so happy for you Brigitte!

2 thoughts on “TKD Grounds Me and Always Makes Me Feel Good”

  1. Your side kicks are too shabby either!!! 🙂
    Great to see pics of you training. Miss you – Cam still talks about “Stretching with you”

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