The Coaching Tables Have Turned


Every now and then, you come across a coach that not only effects you as an athlete but as a person.

Bill Heikkila, was one of those coaches for me.  Bill was a past Javelin Olympian, and my javelin coach for about 3 years until I got injured and had to stop throwing. He is so passionate about javelin and coaching. I feel very fortunate to have worked with him and that we still keep in touch.  He dedicated so much time and effort into me that I wish I could repay him. I loved those years learning from him and growing as a thrower and person.

Javelin Coach Bill Heikkila

javelinwithbill 175

I remember him telling me all about his grandson named Carter who lives in Toronto and does Taekwon-do as well 🙂 This summer, Carter and his family were visiting Bill for a couple weeks. While they were in Ottawa, I was lucky enough to meet Bill’s Son-In-Law and Carter. We actually got to spend some time together while I gave him a one-on-one training. 🙂 Carter is 9 years old and a red belt.  He was a very quick learner and you could tell he was focused and was trying his best.

carter pic

I found it funny too, that with Bill it was now MY turn to be in MY comfort zone and element.  Bill got to see me for the first time where I feel most at home and myself. It’s where I am most confident and it was MY turn to share stories. I loved it 😛

Throwing javelin was something completely new and out of my comfort zone. It was one of the reasons it was so exciting and challenging for me.

It was great getting to see the family side of Bill in addition to how professional and knowledgeable he was in practice.  It’s clear to see how much Carter looks up to him and how proud Bill was of his grandson. 🙂

Keep up the good work Carter!