Super Saturday Series #3 Track Meet

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Today I competed in my first indoor track meet. I was only able to throw shot put since they can’t measure javelin or discus events.  I’m working on a new throwing technique that will be ready by the summer but I’m still tweaking all the details.  I had 6 throws.  I was really happy that I didn’t foul (step out of the circle) and that all the distances were really consistent. Each throw was missing a little something for the ‘perfect’ throw.  I felt a little diconnected.  As I tweaked a mistake in one throw I found I had to tweak something else in the next throw.  I guess it could be considered frustrating but I am excited that I’m figuring these things out on my own so I know what I have to do next.  There is such a huge learning curve with throwing events.  I was throwing with men and women who have been throwing for years so it’s always great to see experienced and talented throwers.

I got there really early so I could have a good warm and visualize all the steps required.
Jim Slepica has so such power and passion in this throws.

Last year in the regular season, I threw the 3kg and this year I have been throwing the 4kg. This meet was a good bench mark for the upcoming season and I have a lot of work to do but I am looking forward to it. I feel a lot stronger this year than last and I find I am improving at a pretty fast pace which is awesome. 🙂 I have been enjoying the winter season so much and am really pumped to see what will happen this year.

There were so many things to focus on. I’m just glad that it’s starting to feel more natural as time goes on.


It’s great to see some friends compete as well.  I go to school with Shelani Fernando and she is an amazing runner.




I was also cheering on my friend Kerstyn Ferrell from school too.
There is always something so cool to watch while you aren’t competing. It’s amazing watching these athletes fly through the ski.