Early Sunday Morning Training

I was already sore and tired from Ms. Cross’ sparring seminar all day Yesterday but my friend Alex was here from Montreal for the seminar as well and we always like to get in as much training together as possible.

We met Shane Lynch bright and early for some of Shanes great cross training.  I’m learning so much from him about how to create a perfect circuit training and why certain drills work well for the type of conditioning we need for TKD as well as my throwing events at Track and Field.  I never understood all the scientific background before.  I always just did what my coaches told me to do so I find this very interesting. I love training in this atmosphere with loud music and everyone pushing each other to their limits. It’s great that every training session is completely different with modifications within the circuit depending on if we train at a park, beach or the dojang.  It never gets boring and all muscle groups get exhausted.

 Then we worked on patterns which is nice to do in a small group so you have lots of room.  We really fine tuned little segments of each pattern.

Alex didn’t want to get on a 2 hour bus ride home and get all stiff so we finished off with some nice stretching and yoga.  Before we knew it, three hours had flown by! 🙂

I’ve had the best summer of training and I just worry how I’m going to handle sitting at a desk in a couple weeks.  All summer it’s been train, sleep and eat and it’s been HEAVEN!