Success at my First Practice Open High School Track and Field Meet

I’ve been having so much fun playing on the John McCrae High School soccer team and the track and field team.  We had two soccer games this week.  The first was a tie 2-2 against Nepean High School and then Yesterday we won 3-2 against St. Joseph high school. My team mates are great.  It’s the varsity team so I play with girls up to grade 12.  In some ways the games are more physical just because the girls are bigger.  We all get along really well and have so much fun on and off the field together.

I missed the first ‘practice’ open track and field meet last week since I was away at the Leadership Camp but I had a blast at the second Open High School Track and field meet today. The meet didn’t count for anything but it was a great learning experience and now I know what I need to work on.

I started with shot put and was happy to win first place.  The ball was quite a bit heavier than I’m used to throwing but it still worked out well.  I’ve competed in shot put for the last two years at middle school so I felt most comfortable doing that event.

Then it was off to discus.  Don’t be fooled.  It’s a technical event!  It’s not like just going and throwing a Frisbee.  I took my three throws and ended up with 2nd.   I’m a perfectionist and I really wanted to learn the spinning start.  In my throws I just threw it the way I had been practicing but I was determined to try a spin.  Once everyone had gone the coach from the Lion’s Track and Field Club gave me some pointers and when I did the throw with the spin I was able to throw it about 4 meters further!  I was shocked.  Next event…’s spinning all the way 🙂

My normal throw
Getting some tips from the Lions Track and Field coach after the event
away it goes...
The spin makes a big difference
It feels so much better with the spin
much better - at least 4 meters further

My final event was the javelin.  It’s a hard event because there isn’t much time to practice since you can only practice during the morning sessions at school and there are several people that you have to take turns with.  Some of the the grade 11 and 12 boys were really helpful and gave me instructions.  Thanks guys 🙂  I am pleased and surprised to say I won first place.

Cheering on our running team mates!
There are so many steps to think about
It really feels awkward running with the javelin

It's so windy, I hope it goes straight

The weather was so cold and windy.  Everyone’s javelin was blowing all over the place.  I was lucky that all three of my throws actually dug into the ground and counted.  So many javelins were just wobbling or went straight down.  I had no idea how I would do or what to expect but I’m happy with the day.  The first real meet that counts is next week.  I just love the challenge of learning a new sport!!!!!!!!   I have a whole new respect when I see throwing events now.  I loved watching the amazingly fast runners and hurdlers.  You  could easily spot the serious track and field athletes who are on city competitive teams.  It’s a whole new world for me and I thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere.

Now it’s time for me to completely focus on Taekwon-Do until Saturday.  I wish I didn’t have to go to school tomorrow.   So many athletes are flying or driving into Ottawa tonight and tomorrow for the Eastern Canadian Championships. There are almost 300 competitors registered.  Tomorrow night I weigh-in and then I’m taking an annual 3 hour judging certification course.   I don’t want to do anything except get into the zone for my competition on Saturday.  Wish me luck 🙂

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  1. Hey Kayla
    Thank you for spending so much time helping out the girls, we really appreciate all your hard work and dedication, They are pumped for Saturday, and hope to do you proud. They are very excited about competing in the same competition as you. You’ve done the work, now go enjoy yourself,

    Good Luck kiddoe!

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