September Has Been a Huge Month of Change

SCHOOL -I just started university last month and I’m loving it!!! I’ve been adjusting to the new dynamics of longer classes filled with hundreds of students in each class and not knowing a single person.  There is more time in between classes so I’ve been working hard at keeping up with all the readings and assignments.  I am in the Commerce Program and the courses are pretty hard so I’m doing my best to be proactive, so I can manage my time properly between that, training and work.  I like feeling more independent at University and I’ve actually enjoyed busing everywhere. I have only gotten lost once or twice 😉

pics of gym6

GYM/CROSS TRAINING -Part of my university tuition includes a gym membership so I’m taking advantage of it.  I also love their yoga classes, spinning classes and I’m going to start to use the pool as well.  I love cross training!  I have a training program to do 3 times a week to work my arms, legs, abs/core and stabilizers.  Getting to use the TRX is also very exciting.

It was a bit intimidating walking into the gym for the first time since there were a lot of serious athletes on the varsity teams and they all seemed to know each other.  The deeper you go back into the gym the more intense the training is.  I’m sure I get a few weird looks at some of the stuff I do but I don’t care.  I’m on a mission to improve my cardio, endurance and work on specific strengthening drills.  I get very motivated in this environment and its a great way to end my day before heading home.

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TAEKWON-DO – Mr. Legrow has changed  dojang locations to community centers so we have all been adjusting to that as well.  Since I still have my evening part-time job at McDonald’s and some later classes I am only able to train with Mr. LeGrow twice a week.  I’ve been working hard contacting other facilities who have mats that might be willing to either rent/borrow some time on weekends or mornings when I don’t have classes.  I need to train more to make up the time that I can’t train during the week nights the way I used to.  All the cross training is great but I still need to spend more time on my patterns and sparring.

Yesterday, Ms. Villeneuve from Freedom TKD in Cornwall allowed me to use her dojang all afternoon with my dad.  It was over 130km each way but well worth it.  It was awesome to have time alone in my little ‘happy place’.  I love walking into a dojang.  Sounds weird but there is something about the smell of the mats and shields that makes me want to train hard.  It always brings me back to the real hard work.  I brought my speakers, ladders, med ball, hand & ankle weights and hand targets to do my own drills :).

I knew I was going to be training for at least three-four hours so I wrote up a very specific plan to follow to make sure everything was covered.  I appreciated my parents taking me since it is also their valuable time so I wanted to make sure the trip was worthwhile.  I love having my dad hold the shields for me so I can kick or punch as hard as I want :).  My parents are always so supportive and are a huge part of this process and journey.  I couldn’t do it without them.

Thank you Ms. Villeneuve for your kindness and generosity yesterday 🙂



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(see link below for the pictures from this training)

If anyone in the Ottawa area is willing to let me use/rent their matted space for a few hours on weekends or even weekday mornings please let me know.  I really don’t need much space and I have all my own equipment.  Nationals are November 7th in Regina so I’m on a tight deadline and I really want to represent Canada in Italy.

CUTTING WEIGHT – Going into the Woman’s Senior Divison (18-34 yrs old) I have decided to drop from Hyper-weight to Heavy weight in Sparring.  I’ve never tried to lose weight before so that has been a new experience 😉  Once again I’m so lucky that my family has all joined me in the process and we are all losing lots of weight together in a sensible way so I’m not trying to cut weight right before competing. At Nationals I have to weigh-in in the morning and compete later that day so I don’t want to have to cut weight at the last minute and be dehydrated or weak.  I don’t want that extra stress.  I’ve seen some pretty crazy stuff at weigh-ins over the years and it doesn’t look fun!

I have two Visalus shakes a day plus Eating Clean with lots of vegetables, fruits and protein throughout the day.  I’m almost at my fighting weight and I feel great!  When I train now, I feel lighter, faster and stronger.  I also feel  more confident personally since it’s another thing that I feel proud of accomplishing.

I will continue to work hard and prepare for Nationals in Regina.  This will also be my first Nationals (let alone any) tournament without my parents going.  The flights are just too expensive.  A whole bunch of “firsts” for this girl 🙂  Welcome to the Adult Division!

These photos were all taken during my 3 hour training session yesterday.



2 thoughts on “September Has Been a Huge Month of Change”

  1. Hi Kayla
    I do pop into your site once in a while. I met your mom in a little while back as she amazingly stagged our house. We are actually the December 2012 feature on your mom’s website site 🙂 . I just adore your mom as we clicked instantly. She is sucah a friendly and amazing woman. And while chatting, she told me very humbly about how you also do martial arts because she found out that my kids also are involved. She should remember Johnny her little helper. She noticed how focus he was doing his forms in a picture. He is turning 9 this month and has a purple belt (just after orange). Our clubs’ facebook page is Embrun Family Karate Club – they practice Kajukenbo (mixed martial arts). We have 5 kids from the club that are competing this week in Ireland at the worlds. They have been practicing real hard the last few months and did a fundraiser 3 weekends ago with a inner club competiton. You know all about worlds and what it takes to compete and win !!! Congratulations on all your accomplishments as you are an inspiration to all kids (and now adults !!!) And good luck at Carleton University as it’s so important to get a great education. And glad you are loosing weight in a sensible manner.. that’s really smart .. as I’ve heard of whapping kids in seran wrap etc to loose weight – not good… Take care and say Hi to your mom… Natalie Blanchard

    • Hello,
      I remember my mom telling me all about you and your son. She even showed me the pictures you sent. 🙂 Good luck to those at Embrun Family Karate Club competing at the Worlds, it’s an indescribable experience of a lifetime. Good luck to your son in all of his future endeavours. From what I have heard, he’s an incredible kid! Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot that you have been following my blog.

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