Release of Promotional Material from CP Business Solutions

I am extremely excited to be working with Catherine Priestman Founder and CEO CP Business Solutions and launching my new marketing material!

IMG_5166 (2)

I met Cathy last Summer at the Edge TKD Colour Belt Classic tournament.  We immediately clicked and I loved her enthusiasm and positive energy.  She does all the promotional material for the Edge TKD and I was amazed by her talent and vision.

For the last few years I’ve been speaking at several schools, teams, clubs, and associations and as I get older I want to portray more of a professional image.  I have developed several products to sell and speaking packages and am very excited about expanding my opportunities.  I wanted to brand my and promote my ‘believe project’.  I stay awake at night thinking of so many possibilities but I knew I needed some guidance on the marketing end.  One thing I’ve learned as an athlete is that it’s important to know when you need help and how important it is to get the right help.


In January, I contacted Cathy and her team about helping me design a pop-up banner for speaking engagements or when I sell my products. She seemed extremely excited about my ideas and wanted to help. What I didn’t realize was that she wanted to help in a BIG way. She had a larger vision and knew that she and her team could help me out.  She told me that she had been following my progress for a long time and was eager to help. She already had a good sense of who I am and what I wanted to do since she had read all through my blogs.

The fact that she and her entire family also study taekwon-do made the connection that much better 🙂

CP Business Solutions is generously sponsoring the “believe” project.  In return I will also be speaking to some of her favourite business’ and schools.

Together (with her team), we designed a line of promotional materials to promote my “believe” Project. We designed:

  • a Pop-up banner with my photos and logo
  • a customized fitted table cloth for displays
  • new business cards
  • a new logo and letter head
  • bookmarks to distribute to kids at schools
  • ”believe’ Project Pledges that are sold with the ‘believe’ hoodie
  • a new gray/pink style of hoodie
  • printed my Inspirational Posters that I created with photos taken by Heather Maduk (pictures to follow)
  • I also made custom ‘BELIEVE’ bracelets on my own
  • A marketing brochure is also currently in process

The ‘believe” project is a mental and physical empowerment to finding your passion, gaining self-confidence and becoming the best version of yourself.

After hours of work on her part (and her team),  several meetings at Tim Horton’s and collaboration over emails, the materials are here!!!!!

7 foot tall pop up banner


Custom gray table cloth so I can display my products at events
This is how my pink believe hoodie all started


My “believe” pledges on display
My new two sided business card
I wanted to have bookmarks for all the students that I talk with so they have a constant reminder 🙂
I wanted to have something inexpensive to sell so the believe project could easily be spread and everyone could join in




This whole experience has been very interesting for me. Giving my brand a more professional look and having LEGITEMET promotional material is a big deal. It’s a little overwhelming but more than anything extremely exciting. It has been a humbling experience and has given me more confidence. I have several events coming up so I an very excited to get some feedback.

Because I am concentrating in Marketing at University it has also given me a preview of how Promotion in Marketing works, and I found the process intriguing.

Now I just have to get used to seeing my face on a life size banner 🙂

CP Business solutions is an incredibly talented team and I recommend them to anyone.

Thank you for all you support and generosity. It has been more than a pleasure working with you and I look forward to more experiences with you.