Really Feeling and Seeing the Difference From Cross Training

This summer has been awesome for cross training!  Everyday I’ve been doing some sort of fitness whether it’s been by myself or with Shane.  It so important to mix things up with a combination of hill training, weights, ply-ometrics, agility, core strength and cardio (explosive and endurance).   Having a training partner is the best since it helps keep me motivated and I always learn new drills from Shane. It also pushes me to work hard when we’re not together because we are a team and I always want to keep improving and be able to keep up.  

This morning’s training consisted of:

  • a good warm up
  • 5 X 1 minute running intervals at 80-90%
  • 4 X 3 minute running intervals 80-90%
  • 18 minutes of circuit training with push ups, sit ups, ladders, hill sprints and weighted lunges

It may not sound like much but try it!!!!  You don’t have to work out long but you have to work out with intensity to get the desired results.  People at the park must have thought we were crazy 🙂

This afternoon, I am going with my friend Katie to do an other workout. Same concept with a few modifications. I have to squeeze it in before school starts!

I’m really starting to feel the difference in my everyday life.  I have so much more energy and my clothes are fitting me differently.  I love how the drills that used to be hard at the beginning of the summer are so much easier for me now.

Next week I start back at the track and I’m excited since it will be an awesome Fall/Winter for throwing events.  I know all this fitness is only going to benefit me for Javelin, Discus and Shot Put.  We will start to do more heavy weight training during the winter so I’m glad I did a lot of training this summer that doesn’t include building bulk.  Too much bulk can slow me down.

It’s also taekwon-do tournament season coming up.  Being in the hyper-weight division I always want to stay faster and have better cardio than my opponents since I know there will be girls bigger than me and I need to be faster than them.  Being strong will only give me nice crisp movements in my patterns as well.

How am I going to sit at a desk all day in school tomorrow?  HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  🙂

Here are some pictures of my afternoon training with Katie 🙂

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