Re-Evaluating Goals

I am a pretty hard headed person, especially when it comes to goal setting. If I say I’m going to do something, I follow through. The thing I hate most is going back and changing my mind, especially if it involves taking a step back to re-evaluate things or pull myself out of something. Sometimes circumstances take over that are out of my control  like injury, timing, and location but I believe everything happens for a reason. I have learned the hard way, that it’s ok to re-evaluate goals and to change my mind. I need to follow my gut and instincts. Somehow, things always work out with determination, an open mind and hard work.

My big goal for 2012 is to make the TKD Canadian Team as a 3rd degree in patterns and a hyper-weight in sparring so I can compete at the next World Championships in Spain 2013.

So far, I’m not off to a very good start 🙁

I injured my ankle in November and I haven’t been able to do much TKD training at all since then.  I wasn’t able to compete at the Nationals in Calgary in November or attend a Pattern seminar by Master Laquerre last month. I was supposed to test for my 3rd degree in a couple of weeks but that is not going to happen since I still can’t do my stances in patterns or do any hard kicking.  Board breaking is out of the question!   Even after I test I will need time to  learn and then perfect my new patterns in order to compete.  I highly doubt that I will be ready for the Eastern Canadian Championships in March.

At first I was very upset since my big goal seemed to be slipping away but I have to keep things in perspective.  As soon as I stopped worrying about competing at Easterns, I was able to look forward to the Can Am’s that are in June. I’m also pushing the date of my 3rd degree test. I would much rather heal properly now and fix my ankle and then test and compete later feeling 100% instead of rushing into things and making the injury worse. I know that things are going to work out. I just need to stay focused, patient and optimistic.

My big javelin goals this year is to win at OFSAA.  I’ve been really enjoying my training and I learn so much every time.  Fortunately I’ve been able to continue with a lot of the drills even with my ankle so I don’t feel like it’s been too much of a set back.  The drills that we are doing are so different and interesting.

Soccer has been a big disappointment since it’s the one sport that I haven’t been able to do at all since kicking is the worst thing for my ankle.  I have been going to all the games and practices but I’m sick of being on the side lines.   I’m a little nervous since the winter season is almost over and the spring/summer try-outs are around the corner. I didn’t go to Florida with the team for the Disney Showcase so I really feel like I’ve missed out.

I went to the doctor again this week to get my ankle re-evaluated on the recommendation of my physiotherapist. I’m going on close to 7 weeks now and my ankle should have been healed by now. I’m definitely better, but there is one area that has remains the same. I am on the waiting list for an MRI to make sure there isn’t any other cartilage damage that could be more serious.

The injury has been really tough because with so many amazing things going on, I don’t want to be stuck on the side-lines. It effects my mood, sleep and health. I’m starting to get really anxious and just want to heal. As a serious athlete, these are some of the challenges I go through.

Also, if you have noticed, I haven’t had any pictures on my blog for a long time either. I apologize for that but with the injury, there are no pictures to take because I’m not doing anything exciting.  As soon as I am fully healed I will have tons of new pictures 🙂