Pattern Training

I could work on Taekwon-Do patterns all day, every day!  There is nothing more satisfying than doing patterns over and over tweaking them and trying to perfect them.  It’s the kind of sport that looks so easy but it’s the hardest sport/art I’ve ever done and that is what makes it so addictive.

Mr. LeGrow, my instructor is amazing at  helping me with my patterns.  Typically I work on patterns alone or in very small groups.  Today I had the opportunity to train in Gatineau with several of the Canadian team members.  It was awesome.  I loved the energy in the room.  Everyone was working so hard, writing notes, helping each other with corrections and basically just enjoying it. Most of them were gearing up for the World Cup, (open international competition) so the quality was really impressive.   Also, sometimes it’s just good to get together since training on your own can be a bit isolating.  It’s also reassurance that you’re doing your patterns properly and if not, it’s a way to be corrected instead of during a tournament.  There was no formal instruction today.  Everyone just worked on what they wanted to.  We also took turns performing our patterns in tournament style.  The more practice the better.

My foot was really bothering me so my stances weren’t as long as they should have been and my sine wave was not up to par and lots of other things weren’t either, but I’m not worried about that since I know it will be fine soon!  I’m sure my foot will be back to normal in week or so.  I felt really good cardio wise, and I felt strong so I know all my cross fit training is paying off 🙂  If it hadn’t been for my foot I would have done patterns all day and my body would have been up for it!

Thank you Mr. Parent and Ms. Bond for including me in the training session.