Pattern Training Before Pan Ams

Sometimes it’s really hard for kids to remember patterns if they are visual learners and they need to ‘see’ the direction that they are supposed to be going in a sequence.

Today we had a breakthrough….I showed a junior belt the diagram of their pattern with tape on the floor.  As soon as he could ‘see’ where he was supposed to go he could suddenly remember the pattern

Each pattern has diagram on the floor. If you can see the diagram it can be easier to remember

For an additional visual aide, I filmed him doing his pattern since we often think we are moving differently than we actually are

I use videos all the time with my own training and I know how well it works as a teaching tool
It's even better if they can make their own corrections by watching their patterns. They remember it longer


I talked the kids through a closed eye visualization of how their patterns should look and feel during the tournament. I was pleased how seriously they took it
Right after the visualization, I've never seen him do his pattern with more strength and crispness - awesome

Everyone was working their hardest 😉

After 2 hours of coaching I was able to work on my own patterns with Mr. Lynch and Mr. LeGrow.  Now that the OFSAA track meet is over I can spend this week really concentrating on TKD until the tournament.

We are all competing next week so we all want to perfect our patterns as much as possible.  It’s great to work with other people who love patterns as much as I do 🙂

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