Overall Strengthening

I’ve been working on all kinds of different strengthening drills and it’s really starting to pay off.  Last night I had the best javelin training ever. 



I love running circuits using the same muscle groups to the point of exhaustion.  As the lactic acid builds up it get’s harder and harder.  I love how it not only pushes me physically but mentally too. My goal is to be as explosive as possible and leg strength is key.

 Today was the kick start of a new and different 4 week training program.  I like the variety to keep things interesting.  I went to a park near my house and used what I had around there for my equipement.  It was a combination of  spider-man crawl, long jump, box jumps, burpees, sit-ups and between every set I ran 100m sprints.  The fact that your muscles don’t get any relief between each set is what makes it so hard. I did four sets of each of those exercises.  I start at a high number of each and then after each set the number goes down by a bit. I have been throwing a lot this summer, but now I’m getting back to TKD shape which is completely different. It’s not going to be easy or pretty at the start, but I will get there! 🙂

I also do a lot of work with 10lb medicine balls at the track.  I finally bought my own ball so I can use it more on my own.  My dad and I work together on this since I need his resistance to make the drills even more effective.

I want my entire body to be as strong as possible.   TKD World Championships Spain 2013 here I come!!!!!!