Outdoor Track and Field Has Begun

Besides all my Taekwon-do training, I’m also a member of the Ottawa Lions Track and Field Team.   I train about 9 hours a week at the track for javelin, shot put and discus all year round.  This training includes weight lifting, med ball and strengthening, foot work and technique, and throwing all three implements.  In the winter the training is all done at the indoor dome.  Since there is the turf we can’t measure our throwing distances since the indoor javelin has a rubber stopper on it.  Now that the weather is warmer we can start to throwing outside. I’m anxious to see how I’ve improved since last summer.

I absolutely LOVE the winter training.  The throwing events are so technical and precise so there is always something to tweak and perfect. I never get bored of it all.  My two coaches Bill (javelin) and Corey (shot put and discus) are amazing.  They are so patient with me and so passionate about their sport.  It’s been exciting since the throwing group has really grown in numbers.  I appreciate the one-on-one coaching since it is so technical and you can learn more individually but it’s also great to see more interest in the throwing events. It’s nice that there are more girls my age throwing now.

For the last month I’ve also had track practice for the school team three mornings a week.  There has already been two exhibition meets but I haven’t been able to go to them since I was either away at a Taekwon-do tournament or Leadership Camp.  My first school qualifying meet is May 16th and then I leave right after it to go to Quebec City for the Taekwon-do Nationals and National Team Selections.

Track is very important to me since I’m hoping that I can be on a university track team and hopefully help with some funding.  Universities look at the OFSAA results so I want to make sure I do my best this season.

During the summer I will be competing with the Ottawa Lions Track club every week as well as some away meets.

Although Taekwon-Do and Throwing events are extremely different they both require patience, persistence, perseverance, dedication and overall body strength.   Both these disciplines peak at an older age so I have lots of time. Since I’m still only 17 years old, I’m in no rush and am very excited about what I’ll be able to do in the upcoming years.

Good luck to one of my throwing team mates Valerie Chartrand who is also throwing Javelin at a meet in Cornell, NY this weekend.