Ottawa ITF Seminar with Master Kou, Mr. LeGrow and Mr. Cabanas

Last Sunday several  dojangs in Ottawa came together for an exciting 3 hour training seminar.  Master Kou, Mr. LeGrow and Mr. Cabanas each conducted one hour in the seminar.  Each instructor focussed on a different aspect of TKD which kept it interesting.  For a lot of students it was their first seminar experience and their first time training with students from different dojangs.  It was cool how everyone paired up with people that they didnt’ know.  That’s how new friendships start.  Next time they see each other at a tournament they will have more fun since they will know more people.  It’s also good to learn new drills from different instructors.


Mr. LeGrow, Master Kou and Mr. Cabanas
My first TKD instructor for 10 years!

It was just like old times for me since I trained with Master Kou (Kou’s TKD) for my first 10 years of TKD.  He taught me the foundation and the work ethics and I will always be grateful for that.   Mr. LeGrow (owner of Team Blackburn) was also a student of Master Kou and that is why I changed schools to train with Mr. LeGrow 4 years ago when I first wanted to try out for Team Canada.  Mr. LeGrow has a great track record for International Competition and I knew he could help me…..and he has immensely!


Dojang owners in the Ottawa area
I felt sad that this was my last training with Ms. Trigger for a while since she is moving away but I only wish her happiness. Ms. Trigger has been so good to me over the years and always made me feel welcome into her school. I’m really going to miss her!
It was incredible that all 5 competitors from Ontario that qualified for Team Canada were at the seminar. It was our first of many training sessions all together before we compete at the World Championships in Spain this October.  Go Canada Go!!!!

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