You Are Never Too Young to Believe in Yourself

I often have the privilege to work with young kids and it’s the most satisfying feeling when you see them thrive.

  • I love to see their confidence grow in a short hour.
  • I love to be reminded by their innocence that anything is possible.
  • I love how they dream big!
  • I love to watch how they can cooperate with each other to complete¬†a task.
  • I love to see their endless energy since it’s contagious.
  • I love their curiosity about everything.
  • I love their willingness to try new things.
  • I love how they just talk from their heart and tell it like it is ūüôā
  • I love how they naturally cross train without even realizing it.
  • I love how they don’t see it as a workout – they see it as a game.
  • I love how they are so much more capable than most adults give them credit for.

I believe that participating in sports (any physical activity) you naturally become happier, healthier and have more positive energy.  All the natural endorphins that are produced by activity only make you feel better about life and yourself.

I wish that¬†ALL kids had the opportunity to do sports (whether it’s competitive or purely recreational). ¬†I truly believe that physical activity is the vehicle to empowerment ¬†and believing in ourselves.¬† The younger the better!

I want ALL kids to know that they have the right to be a dreamer, be confident, strong, gentle, beautiful,  passionate, compassionate and a leader in their own way.

¬†How incredible would it be if everyone at a very young age believed in themselves.¬† Imagine all the possibilities…… ūüôā

In¬†August I’m going to Nova Scotia as a guest at MacKenzie TKD and¬† I’m so excited to work with his students there.¬† I hope they are too!